The “Most Useful Idiot” Award!

We used to make things…We used to make lots of things! That is what we used to call PRODUCTIVE. And the real beauty of making things was that we made things that people needed! That is what we used to call VALUE. In fact, it can be stated as fact without exaggeration that we became the most powerful nation on earth because our Free Market Capital System allowed us to PRODUCE more VALUE than any other society in the history of man!

But today we have replaced PRODUCTIVE with ONEROUS (arduous, burdensome, exacting, oppressive)! We have replaced factories that empower people with factories that empower the Ruling Class of Big Government! As a result, Detroit has become a slum while Washington thrives. Government workers realize pay increases while Mom & Pops wither on the vine. The endless clouds of regulations and entitlements block out the precious light of incentive and innovation.

Vladimir Lenin is credited for the term Useful Idiot, described in Wikipedia as “Soviet sympathizers in Western countries.”

This past week was National Small Business Week! New York has earned the distinction of being the worst state in the union to do business. Yes, we are # 50 on the list of best places to own and operate a business! Small Business Owners have surpassed the Cricket Frog on the State’s Most Endangered Species List! WHY? Because we have the best “ONEROUS” Factory in the land…ALBANY! They make REGULATIONS…lots of them! More than any other state in fact…hmmm, I wonder if that’s how we got to #50?

So when our Small Business Task Force met yesterday to discuss our predicament, we came up with two ideas that should be fairly obvious. 1- We need to find a way to bring manufacturing and value back to New York. 2- We need to educate people, get the word out and shine the light on what is happening.

To that end, the Hudson Valley Patriots are pleased to announce the recipient of their very first Most Useful Idiot Award! The Times Herald Record editorial writer, Ken Hall for his “Highway Deaths Drop Credited to Regulation” column in Thursday’s edition! Way to go Ken! Lenin would be very proud! Extolling the virtues of REGULATIONS in the most heavily regulated state in the union…during National Small Business Week is, oh I don’t know…akin to PRAISING EUTHANASIA AT AUSCHWITZ…DURING HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL WEEK!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to The “Most Useful Idiot” Award!

  1. Marla Silbernagel says:

    I completely agree. I read that article in the THR and thought it was a complete waste of space.

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  3. Diane B. Varacek says:

    Chip, I am finally at a loss for words. Mea culpa!

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