Here’s How We Play the Game to WIN!

1st ruleWe Never Compromise on Truth or Principle!


How is it possible that the same American Citizens who so powerfully Cleaned House on November 2nd 2010 in a roaring “Hell No” referendum vote against Obama and Obamacare, now find themselves cowering in the electoral fetal position as helpless observers…awaiting their execution?


Because the Cabal, aided and abetted by MSM, created the illusion of consensus around the need for compromise, and then crafted the narrative to fit it like a silk glove!

“I’ve been eager to work with Democratic colleagues and with the president all along,” Hayworth insisted. “I’m one of the members of the House majority, who has voted most frequently – actually, about a third of the time I voted the way President Obama has also supported voting…So, I’m confident that I’ll be able to work successfully to make our Democratic voters feel well served.” – Rep Nan Hayworth (R)

Let me get this straight. They set the narrative, frame the discussion and moderate OUR debates…and you think we have a prayer of saving our country in this paradigm?


Every single day that we wake up, turn on the TV and buy into any of what they are selling is another day we lose more of our Republic! People around the world are wringing their hands and shaking their heads in disbelief over what we are allowing to happen…especially after November 2nd!

If we are forced to have to fight for our Religious Freedom today, what will tomorrow bring? People…the time is NOW! It must stop, and WE must stop them now! And here’s how…

                                                   The Paradigm Shift

It starts with you and me, for the simple reason that WE are the only people we have any control over. As a financial advisor, I know that the first step for a family drowning in debt is to rip up the credit cards. So the very first step is for us to rip up the one thing that led us to this abyss in the first place!

So today we will take out our American Express Credit Card, destroy it, burn it, slice, dice & flush it! But the best part is what we have to replace it with! Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my honor to introduce (drum roll please)…

The Americans First Conscience Card! Accepted everywhere! DON’T LOSE HOME…WITH IT!!

Here’s how it works. In the old paradigm, you and I have allowed ourselves to be labeled and marginalized in a variety of ways. The most obvious way, is by buying into the Hayworth Establishment Lie of Going Along to Getting Along to Win…A Pure Pile of Steaming Horse Manure! So here is where we can whip out the AF Conscience Card and let Nan know, that we know…and that’s it!

Another GREAT example of how to use the Americans First Conscience Card:

The other day, I sent an email blast to my entire family and extended family…mother, father, sisters, in-laws, aunts, uncles, cousins and so on. I confronted their collective conscience with the Truth. Of course nothing happened…as I expected, but I had the satisfaction of clearing my conscience by depositing it into theirs…and now they have to deal with it! Imagine…

The biggest problem with the old paradigm is expectation. We have been led to believe that there is no value in religion if we’re the only ones who have it. The new paradigm:

We’re the only ones that matter! Trust me…when we get it, everyone will want some!

Old Paradigm– Why are there so few people at this Tea Party event?

New Paradigm– I’ve just replenished my AF Conscience Card! Yeah baby!

                                                       Bonus Points

  • Cancel your cable service!
  • Renew your faith!
  • Renew your wedding vows!
  • Family Group Hug!
  • Review Emergency Preparedness Strategy!
  • Host Neighborhood Watch Meeting! (Contact me for ideas, speakers, etc.)
  • Hold a Funeral for Fear! 🙂



Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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