What We Don’t Know…

Who is he, Barry Soetoro or Barack Obama? – Jerome Corsi, Author

When I was a younger man, I caught the sailing bug. I was totally smitten by the man against the elements story of teenager Robin Lee Graham who had set out to sail around the world alone in 1965 in a 24 foot sloop he named Dove. 24 foot…around the world…alone! When I think about the level of courage and self-confidence it takes to put yourself so completely at the mercy of nature and your own ability and resourcefulness…well, there is no greater measure of a man or woman in my humble opinion.

I had the good fortune some years later to learn to sail from the best teacher anyone could ever have hoped for…a crazy loveable Swede named Gerhard “Ger” Englund, who I think was actually born with a rudder in his hand and salt water in his veins! I met him when I was working in Morgan City, Louisiana as a welder/pipe-fitter building the actual legs the oil platforms stand on in the Gulf of Mexico. He piloted the sea planes that flew the workers back and forth to the rigs. If I live to be 200, I will never forget the adventure that befell us several months into my sailing apprenticeship…

Lake Pontchartrain is a 630 sq mile body of water near New Orleans that because of its depth, size and location is known to be one of the roughest body of bodies of water on the planet…under the right conditions. As fate would have it, your young sailing apprentice found himself on the roughest body of water under just the right conditions on what started as a perfectly normal day. Ger and I set an early sail in his 20 foot sloop from the western shore of Lake Pontchartrain to cross 40 miles of water headed for the eastern shore. About halfway across, the skies darkened and an absolutely hideous squall appeared out of nowhere and turned what had been a relative calm into absolute heaving mayhem right out of the movie, The Perfect Storm! And here comes the point…

As I sat there frozen in horror, literally a pale green from a combination of sea-sickness and the near certainty of death…I heard a sound that seemed impossibly foreign to our circumstance. I heard singing! I looked up from my near fetal position to behold Ger at the rudder with a huge grin on his face singing Swedish folk songs…as if we were sitting in the safest and most enjoyable spot on the whole entire planet! I realized in that minute, what I had really known all the while. We were going to be absolutely fine because I knew who the pilot was! 🙂

In nature, perfect storms are created by contrasting weather fronts colliding over the right mixtures of surface temperatures, air temperatures and humidity conditions. In the world of man, perfect storms are a function of political, economic and religious conditions (I have an amazing Sunday Tune-up to share with you tomorrow about what is happening in The Church!) Let’s just say that the man-made storm heading our way will make the worst category 5 hurricane ever recorded seem like a tempest in a teapot!

“The real problem is that the $70 trillion in G10 debt is the collateral for $700 trillion in derivatives…” http://www.zerohedge.com/news/big-reset-2012-and-2013-will-usher-end-scariest-presentation-ever  …and the very worst of it is? I am every bit as deathly green and frightened as I was when I was tossed about on Pontchartrain forty some odd years ago…only I’m not hearing singing from the man at the rudder; no…something different, worse on the ears and heart and very far from music. Looking up I see a grin alright, but it’s not the happy friendly grin I saw on Ger…it’s a “deceptive” cheshire grin. And the very worst of all…is to look into a man’s eyes for any trace of reassurance or certainty only to find a black hole of mystery and the unknown. May God have mercy onAmerica…and the world!

By the way, Jerome Corsi was a guest on WOR’s David Patterson Show this past Thursday afternoon. The mountain of evidence of lies, deception, cover-up and misrepresentation surrounding Obama is breath-taking! Responding to a caller who theorized that the Republicans were afraid to pursue the truth for fear of a “civil war” and violent protests from the black community, Corsi said, “Nonsense! I have more faith in the American People to do whatever it takes to find the truth and deal with the consequences as painful as that may be. And I have our history to back me up on that.”

Take heart people…Jerome Corsi on Prime Time NY Airwaves! Truth has the Serpent cornered at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!


Authors Note- I began this piece early Friday morning and finished it after the stock market closed yesterday. As many of you know, it was an abysmal day by almost every measure, triggered from the very disappointing jobs report. At some point you have to ask yourself a few questions. How in the world have we thrown as much “liquidity” (translation– your $ & my $) from the first $ 800 Billion to all the Fed gimmicks & “twists” only to end up here? The “purchasing power” of our dollar is evaporating before our eyes…what about their purchasing power? While we are on our knees subject to a growing list of rules and laws including the latest ban on large sodas…their wealth and power has increased. Where did all that money go? Because you know they are firing up the printing presses for yet another round. How long will we listen to the endless flood of lies while the Dimon’s, Corzine’s, Blankfein’s, Holder’s, Bernanke’s and Geithner’s steal from our children, stockpile and continue to sail above the laws and away from the storm they’ve brought on the rest of us?

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