A Man Does What He Must!

“A man does what he must — in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures.”

— John Kennedy, 35th U.S. President

I would like to ask you to contemplate Kennedy’s quote in the context of your own life. And then I’d like to share with you, a glimpse into the lives of two other men; Nigel Farage and Brandon Smith.

“The Euro Titanic has now hit the Iceberg and sadly there simply aren’t enough lifeboats.”~ Nigel Farage

“Now, one of the first tenets or rules that a person learns when delving into the Liberty Movement is that there is no such thing as political parties in America today.  There are no conflicting interests in Washington D.C.  There is no “grand battle” between left and right for the minds of the masses.  It is a sham.  A con.  A fantasy.  A false paradigm.

In reality, the leaderships of both fraudulent parties support essentially the same methodology, and that methodology could be summarized thus:  Centralize everything, globalize everything, control everything, grow government power, reduce the effectiveness of the citizenry, turn the public against each other, rob them while they’re distracted.  If an American does not understand this dynamic and how it is used to dominate the ebb and flow of our culture, then that American knows nothing.  He is lost…~ Brandon Smith

You’re not lost…are you?
So circling back to the Kennedy quote now, please take a few minutes to view the entire Farage speech in Parliament here , and then read the entire Smith piece here . And now having done so, I’d like to ask any and all of you what you yourselves are doing? And then ask your friends and family what they are doing? And then ask your co-workers what they are doing? And then ask the complete strangers on the elevator what they are doing…

…because here’s my 2 cents: Anyone who had the stomach to sit through the Jamie Dimon “theater of the absurd” yesterday before the Senate, just as the “honorable” Jon Corzine did some weeks ago, and think you were witnessing anything other than “a sham.  A con.  A fantasy.  A false paradigm.” is one of three people:

1-     Isolated on a space station with no communication for the past 4 years.

2-      In a coma for the past 4 years.

3-      You believe what you want to believe.

This is what it all boils down to my friend…If you are not part of the Liberty Movement, then you are in fact legitimizing the farce. It really is that simple and true.

Please join us on June 25th at the Meadowlands State Fair and help us put these Cretins out of business. Thank You and God Bless You!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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5 Responses to A Man Does What He Must!

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  2. (*SNORT*)

    Chip. None of us is gonna “do what he must.”


    Because the “must” you’re speaking of is violence.

    I’m sorry that I always have to rain on your parade with all this REALITY… but there it is.

    Chip. BEST case scenario: Mitt Romney, President of the United States come January 2013; Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader come January 2013; John Boehner, STILL Speaker of the House in 2013.

    Chip… THESE are the exact same people who Farage identifies in the quotes you’ve highlighted.

    No, Chip, just as in 1776, violence is the only answer today if we are to save our country.

    Unlike 1776, there will be no “new” American Revolution come November 2012 – no matter who wins.

    Jeezus, Chip, “we” – people who share our values – aren’t even strong enough to present a PARTY PRIMARY CHALLENGE to “our” Congresswoman, Nan “The Betrayer” Hayworth!

    Not to be harsh… but what sort of alternate reality do you live in where you don’t see that the system is so rigged that even “winning” (with the likes of Hayworth, Boehner, McConnell, and Romney) is actually losing?

    I mean… (and don’t get mad at me!)… it’s like you’re Janus. One face RECOGNIZES the reality… yet the other refuses to acknowledge where this reality leads.

    It’s not that you’re “two-faced” in a BAD way. I’m NOT saying you’re a hypocrite – for you’re CERTAINLY NOT! No, Chip, what I’m saying is that sometimes I find the “logic” of your postings extremely hard to follow.

    Feel free to give us a PLAUSIBLE scenario where absent violence we save this country, Chip.

    I’ve asked you to do so many times in the past and you’ve always ignored the request.

    In the REAL world… in the REAL world as it EXISTS… how exactly do we turn things around (no cliches, Chip; no bumper sticker slogans; no calls to prayer and “faith”) when at BEST… our nation’s next president will be Mitt Romney and our next Senate Majority Leader will be Mitch McConnell and our “next” Speaker will (continue to) be John Boehner?


    I’ll be waiting… (but not holding my breath).

    • shutupnsing says:

      Bill…Kennedy’s quote is very subjective…right? What my conscience manifests as a “must” may be entirely different from yours. The examples I gave of Farage and Smith are examples I believe would fit the template of Kennedy’s intention.

      Tyranny, as you know, is hardy subjective. Rather, it is like the shadow of a very slow and deliberate sunset. It is incremental. Yesterday it was Bullies, today it’s Big Gulps & Popcorn and tomorrow its detainment camps and razor wire!

      I’m no sure why you are such a glass half-empty guy, but I cannot change that. I can only tell you what I see. And what I see against a pitch black backdrop are a thousand inspiring lights carried by the Bishop Jenky’s, the Scott Walkers, the Pastor Arnolds and the hundreds of people I read and speak to in the Tea Party movement who lift me up each and every day.

      This ends one of two ways: Peacefully through the ballot box or violently (as you put it) through revolution. Either way, I don’t believe for one minute that you’re as big a pussy as you claim to be 🙂 …because, when that line is crossed you would no sooner submit to what they have in mind for us than I would…and you know that as well as I do!

  3. “What my conscience manifests as a “must” may be entirely different from yours.”

    No, Chip. What I’m talking about is reality. What you’re doing is trying to deflect the points I made.


    “I’m no sure why you are such a glass half-empty guy…”

    Umm… because God gave me the intellect to REASON…???


    Chip… while I always enjoy jousting with you, it does sadden me that you absolutely REFUSE to use facts and analysis to counter my points.

    All I’m asking is that you provide a viable scenario as to how the country is to be “saved” and you refuse. I can only imagine this is because you CAN’T provide that viable scenario.


    “I can only tell you what I see.”

    No, Chip; that’s where you’re deceiving yourself. You’re telling us what you WANT to believe “is” – not what ACTUALLY “is.”


    In a way I really do hate to plague you with this constant reality updates, because to paraphrase, “self-deception is bliss.” I’m sure it comforts you to believe reality is other than what it is. Going to Tea Party rallies and such… for hours at a time you can pretend that “our” tiny demographic of constitutionists can beat the oligarchy absent violence.


    Again, Chip… as pointed out FIRST by YOU (in quoting Farage)… our country is controlled by an oligarchy of BAD (Republicans) and WORSE (Democrats). There is no viable Tea Party as in a separate party and even the existing Tea Party infrastructure – such as it is – is totally ineffective in terms of creating a true power center within the GOP. (Again… I give you Nan Hayworth… I give you John Boehner… I give you Mitch McConnell… I give you Mitt Romney.)

    “And what I see against a pitch black backdrop are a thousand inspiring lights…”

    Chip. Brother. Have you ever considered that these might simply be LSD flashbacks from the ’60’s and early ’70’s?


    “This ends one of two ways: Peacefully through the ballot box or violently (as you put it) through revolution. Either way, I don’t believe for one minute that you’re as big a pussy as you claim to be 🙂 …because, when that line is crossed you would no sooner submit to what they have in mind for us than I would…and you know that as well as I do!”


    Well… yeah… granted… I’m EXTREMELY careful of what I write so that if God forbid the government ever goes after me I can point to where I’ve NEVER “crossed any lines” that could conceivably land me in jail.


    The thing is, Chip… (*SIGH*)… on that note… even if I was the guy you credit me with being… (*BOW*)… what would my grabbing a gun and laying my life on the line to fight tyranny do when faced with the power of the modern federal government?

    Are you envisioning another civil war where certain states “rebel” and say enough is enough?

    Hey… Chip… that’s my DREAM! But unfortunately I don’t see it happening in time to save America. Oh… it’ll happen eventually… but by then they’ll be no chance of a rebellion doing more good than harm in terms of leading to a reconstituted federal union.


    You mentioned Scott Walker. Yeah… he’s a modern hero. But would he call upon his state to secede were the President to issue an illegal executive order overturning his states reforms, or, were the Supreme Court to “overrule” his state’s reforms? I can’t see it. Thus… as I keep noting… I see no viable pathway towards saving this nation.

    YES, CHIP… we’ll ALWAYS have small victories… no one is disputing that! I too can point to Jim DeMint, Mike Lee, Rand Paul… but the OVERALL REALITY is that when the BEST we can expect is a federal government run by Mitt Romney, John Boehner, and Mitch McConnell… the OVERALL decline and fall of America continues.

    If in 2012… AFTER ALL THE NATION HAS GONE THROUGH… the best we’re offered is Romney, Boehner, and McConnell… you tell me, Chip… what’s YOUR pathway out of the mess we’re in?




    Lay out the viable scenario where constitutionalists take charge of America.

    (The key word being “viable,” Chip!)

  4. shutupnsing says:

    You’re making me work (while I’m at work). We keep having the same conversation…So let me try one more shot at this, and then we’ll just have to agree to disagree. I have a bumper sticker (to my wife’s chagrin) that reads, “Drop the teleprompter and step away from the White House!” 🙂
    If I had put that on my car 2-3 years ago, I would have been driven off the road. Today, people high-five me and offer to buy me drinks! The difference between you and me is that when “they” tell us we (Tea Party) are dead, you believe them. The last time I checked, “dead people” can’t hurt you…and whether you care to acknowledge this or not, WE are hurting them! If its an easy knockout you’re looking for, you will be sorely dissappointed. Did those at Valley Forge have it any easier? Did the Rangers a Pointe Du Hoc have a walk in the park? We’ve been spoiled…you choose to focus on the casper milktoast, and I on the folks I have already tipped my hat to. Stop the Albatross Tango…you are much more worthy! 🙂

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