Critical Mass

The key argument of the narrative supporting an Obama re-election boils down to the dreaded tipping point and the idea that Obama is the only choice for a Liberal…and the more cynical notion; non-white American. To the extent these arguments have merit it would explain the arrogant and calloused nature of Obama’s full-out assault on the very things that make America…America!

And of all the counter-arguments such as the possible alienation of Black Christians with his stand on Gay Marriage; or the loss of his Catholic support as a result of the HHS Mandate…Nothing surprised me more than Jon Stewart’s smack down of The One over his Nixonian attempt to take the heat off of the Fast & Furious Scandal ravaging the Holder DOJ.

There is nothing more devastating to the “Kardashian President”, as Rush so brilliantly refers to him, than to lose your credibility in Hip-ville! For those of you unfamiliar, Obama earned this title after his double entendre comment about Michelle going down…on the Ellen Show. There is no doubt that we have a President who actually leaves a slime trail wherever he goes…Just as there is no doubt in the wisdom of the saying, “Familiarity breeds contempt.

And there is nothing more desired or feared in the sport of politics than the power of momentum. When shots like the ones fired by Stewart this week pierce the protective force shield of the main stream press, they feed the momentum of Truth the way oxygen feeds a fire! And more than that, they feed the hope that there are enough people living in Liberal Land who consider themselves Americans First! You can almost see their thought process:

Wait a minute…There is no guarantee of compassion without freedom…and there is no guarantee of freedom without a Constitution. BINGO!

So on the eve of the Political D-Day of the looming Supreme Court Obamacare Ruling, you can almost taste the fresh breeze of momentum filling the sails of true hope and change….Could this be a tipping point towards a critical mass that we could truly live with? May God Bless us so…

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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