The Sunday Morning Tune-up, July 29th, 2012 Edition

“Like I Do” Please listen after reading…

What is Truth?” ~ Pontius Pilate asked mockingly of Jesus as he handed him over…

Last night I got a chance to meet Michael Voris and hear him speak about how we got to this place in our society and the “Great American Experiment”. He had just flown in from Romania and was literally whisked directly from the airport to the campus of the Rockland Community College. His talk lifted, enlightened and confirmed what I’ve known in my heart to be true for some time now.

Good Morning Dear Friend! More and more, we hear things like “This isn’t the America I grew up in.” I think most of us baby-boomers, regardless of political stripes, will agree this is true. The Progressives among us might argue that this is a good thing, citing their litany of Social Justice feel-goodisms as their benchmark. We are progressing to greater “equality” through gay marriage, etc.

When I was in Israel with my family several years ago, I was impressed by so many things. But what I especially appreciated was the freshness and wholesomeness of the food. Everything was direct from soil and animal to plate. No additive or preservative nonsense…it was like breathing the freshest air compared to air stale or even fouled by man’s intervention. It was completely natural! But if you are a kid in your twenties or thirties even, who has never been out of the Tri-State Area…what is this to you?

I shared the other day that in an exchange I had with a “Young Republican” who had taken exception to observations I had made about parsing truth, his notion of soul and spirit came across as something abstract and foreign. And it dawned on me that there are now two generations living who have no experience in their world of a place…a place so good and natural that men actually did business deals on a handshake!

                                    Love & the Holy Spirit 

Michael began his talk last night by asking us to hold Pilate’s question to Jesus in our mind. He then walked us back to a time during the first half of the last century when income tax was at 2% and we didn’t care about politics…or politicians. We all conducted our lives on the basis of the same moral code. But as the moral code shrank with the dawn of the sixties, the political class grew…to the point where we are today. As Pilate mocked Jesus, Obama mocks the Bishops…and two generations have been robbed of their ability to discern the horror and pure evil of this transgression! What is Truth?

If everything we experience has been watered down, preserved or processed through man’s intervention…what about love itself? Linked below is the actual Humanae-Vitae delivered by Pope Paul VI in 1968. It was a passionate appeal from the Holy See to a world drifting apart from its moral foundation. As Saint Augustine wrote in The City of God, “We do not belong to the city of man. We belong to the City of God.” The context of Pilate’s mocking question to Jesus came within the same brief exchange where Pilate asked him if he were a King…to which Jesus replied, “My kingdom is not of this world.”

The American Experiment has failed because “Truth” was relegated to man…the coiled serpent beneath the table of our founding, waiting for its moment. The moment seems to have arrived…as Michael shares with us. Think about how Representative Kelly’s fiery “Get the boot off our neck” speech excited everyone to the point of going viral the other day. Why? Because the voice of courage has become so rare that we are shocked when we hear it. There is no greater love than to give your life to save another, and yet we are shocked when we see it as we did in the Aurora tragedy. One Kelly in a nation of 300 million!! Think about the quality and the quantity of love and courage that stood in that same chamber when we were but 3 million!! We didn’t get our love and courage from a cable feed then did we…we do now.

Each and every one of us have a MORAL, yes a MORAL obligation to seek THE “Objective” Truth, embrace it and feed to our children who are starved for it! Yes, you look at them, listen to them and you look me in the eye and tell me they are not suffering Truth’s malnutrition? If you can tell me this, then please tell me what planet to forward your mail to…If this is progress, I’ll have none of it! Do you want to know who is really progressing? The Political Class, that’s who…and they are progressing at the speed of light on the backs of your willingness to accept Truth as a flimsy subjective pile of mush!

I never truly knew God until I tangled with the Devil. When true love shrinks from the room by the will of our own design, something is quick to take its place…something cunning and clever…something diabolical. Like weeds in a garden, it moves in and one day it is in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. It moves into our own minds as thoughts that we are somehow clever enough to stay a step ahead of it…fools that we are. There is ONE Truth Dear Friend…for the sake of your soul and the souls of your children, find it now!




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3 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up, July 29th, 2012 Edition

  1. “I never truly knew God until I tangled with the Devil.” Unfortunately, in this day and age, even the devil belongs to objective truth and therefore, it is so much easier to dismiss him as a myth or worse, something from your gramma’s imagination. Pity, because that’s exactly what the evil one wants.

    • Forgot to tell you…….nice song. An original?

      • shutupnsing says:

        Yes it is…though it is perhaps the most channeled song I have ever written…thank you so much. The CD tray of my album is a picture of the Dome of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre I took standing directly beneath it. I inscribed the following here; “Writing songs has nothing to do with me, and everything about allowing something else to be.”

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