The Times are Hope & Changin’

The “Right-Wing Bob Dylan”! (Chip’s write-up in Newsmax!)

The Times are Hope & Changin’ ~ The “Right-Wing Bob Dylan”

Come gather ‘round sheeple wherever you roam

And admit that the government around you has grown

Pretty soon all your pockets will be picked to the bone

With the help of Alinsky’s Disciples…

 And the first ones then wait for food stamps now..

‘cause the times are hope and changin’  🙂

Your senators & congressman have bitten the hand

They’re stealing your money and taking your land

 But “Hey who erased Modern Family & Glee?”…

You can have my freedom, just don’t take my TV!

That business you built? That was really me!

‘cause the times are hope and changin’  🙂

Come editors turned commie

Who poison with their  pen

Who keep our eyes closed

So we miss the boat…again.

He couldn’t run a lemonade stand,

but can part the Red Sea..

And he did win the Nobel Peace Prize…

And his ears would make one hell of a wind farm…

‘cause the times are hope and changin’ 🙂

Come mothers and fathers

Throughout the land

There is no more family

You must understand

Your sons and your daughters

Are under the thumb

Of a Marxist oligarchy

Just shoot yourselves now

And save us the lead…

‘cause the times are hope and changin’ 🙂

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

About Chip Murray

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5 Responses to The Times are Hope & Changin’

  1. jyoung07424 says:

    My Man Chip!!!! I couldn’t be prouder of your Newsmax Piece! Who knows where this all will lead! Let’s hope somewhere GREAT after November 6!!!! Keep on Rockin’ out Man!!! 😉

  2. Jodi Sander says:

    Dylan would be ashamed.
    “shoot yourselves now and save us the lead”

  3. Jodi Sander says:

    No. That would be your other girlfriend. Easy mistake I guess.

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