What If Chick-fil-A Had Been Chick-fal-Afel?

Has anybody asked the question, “What if Chick-fil-A had been Chick-fal-Afel?” And what if instead of Dan Cathy expressing his Christian beliefs during a Baptist radio interview, it had been Omar expressing his Muslim beliefs during a CAIR radio interview? The difference is this…Omar would have been given the keys to the cities of and by the mayors who closed their doors to Dan Cathy!

I’ve been told by my liberal friends that I’ve “changed” and that my politics are “skewed”! Really? Things certainly have changed and somebody’s politics are skewed alright, but I think my friends could use a little “reality check” themselves! The fact above is exactly what we TRUE Conservatives and TRUE Americans in the Tea Party mean when we say we are Taking back America! And we’ll be a whole lot closer to that day when both Cathy and Omar can be free to express their religious beliefs publicly without threat or intimidation! I don’t see it to be quite honest…

While the Christian Clergy cower in silence and fear of loosing their government welfare, the Imams unbound by these fears incite their flocks to take what’s theirs http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2011/12/takbir-nyc-traffic-snarled-by-muslim-cabbies-stopping-to-pray.html

As Christian symbols are being taken down or covered in black behind the Presidential Podiums at Jesuit Universities as ordered by the White House, the same White House stages an unprecedented municipal intervention on behalf of an Imam with ties to Islamic Terrorists who sought to build a Mosque on Ground Zero! While Catholic Nuns are groped by the TSA along with the rest of us, their Berka-clad counterparts are waived through unmolested. While Americans are forced to stage “Freedom of Religion” rallies to defend the 1st Amendment from the type of government our founders warned of, this same government is pressuring the courts of the land to subordinate our Constitutional Law to Sharia Law!!

And that is only our domestic view of what has become a global reality! The rosy “freedom & democracy” views of a fragrant Arab Spring presented by naïve leftist journalists have quickly turned into the fulfillment of an Islamic Caliphate led by the Muslim Brotherhood who are quickly filling voids largely created by the incompetence of our State Department and an appeasing President who seems to be in way over his head…while Israel is literally encircled and Christians are left to fear for their lives!

And yet for any of us with an objective mind to look out and question these upside down domestic and global circumstances, we are told that it is we who have changed! It is our political views that are askew! How far down the rabbit hole does a mind have to travel to convince itself of such perversion of Truth? And as Michele Bachmann can attest, it’s even far more troubling than this when you take the time to unravel the tentacles of the Muslim Brotherhood’s reach into our own government. That my friends, in and of itself explains the double standards and special treatment…and far worse. Google the correspondence exchange between Reps Bachmann and Ellison to really get the picture!

Pamela Geller has done more to call the public’s attention to these outright violations, trespasses and downright threats to our homeland security than anyone else…Period! You might think she would be feared in Progressive and Muslim circles…you would be right! You might think she would be a hero in Republican and Conservative circles…you would be dead wrong!

There are few people who understand the history and nature of the threat posed by Radical Islam as well as Pamela Geller. It is a force to be reckoned with, not appeased, compromised and negotiated with. Pamela Geller forces the Republican Establishment to confront what they are too intimidated to confront for the sake of perceived political expediency…and they hate her for it! They fear the loss of votes when they should be fearing a much greater loss!

The Ideology of Intolerance whose women are less than equal, where “Honor Killings” are justified and homosexuality is punishable by death seems to be more welcome in America than the very Religion integral to her founding! I can only imagine the slogan of the expanding chain of Chick-fal-Afel’s on this present course…Have it our way, or else!



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