The Eyes of an Angel

From the moment you are seen by her life will never be the same

like the mysteries of a thousand why’s lost and found again


Meaning from the meaningless now set in motion by her gaze

to pierce the darkest dungeon from twilight’s end to endless days


Dance with her you will…love with her you must

and know the purpose she has wed you to is something you must trust


But embrace this deepest love with a grateful heart that never ends

for the eyes that see so much without suffer the tougher gaze within.

                                        ~ CM 8/17/12

There simply is no greater gift than to be seen through the eyes of an Angel. I am not talking about Angel as in sweetheart or girlfriend. I am talking about the experience of being seen through the portal which links the physical to the divine. I am talking about the experience of being seen through the eyes of an actual Angel.

Hopefully we have all experienced the look of love that has the power to knock us off our feet in a way that truly rocks our world in an all-consuming way. But the experience I am speaking of is other-worldly…God’s kingdom to be precise. You know this because where the look merely knocks you to the ground, the Angel’s gaze pulls you to the stars…so that your feet along with the rest of you actually leave the ground.

Imagine the loneliest grain of sand on the dark side of the moon…until one day she happens upon him in such a way she actually reflects the rays of the Sun back onto him allowing him to see himself for the first time.

It is a marvelous night for a moondance with the stars up above in your eyes…

You literally wake up one day in the engine room of creation…its like the phenomena around people who have died, crossed over and then came back to explain their experience. It’s the kind of experience that inspires you to find and dust off the guitars you had forgotten that you owned. You realize that you have been given a new set of eyes to see the world with…and you need to write and sing about it!

I had heard an interesting theory…which may have come by way of a Kabbala study group…that God created us in order to experience himself. The reason I bring this up is because there is a before creation quality that magnifies the generosity of the Angel-host a thousand fold. She does not experience the miraculous grace within herself…and yet we are now able to see our world through the eyes of an angel

I guess some things we’ll never know…but I do know where the river goes! My Girl(Please listen to her song through my eyes!)


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to The Eyes of an Angel

  1. photo357 says:

    How can this person and that “other” person live within the same body? Hence, my constant turmoil.

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