Mrs. Weiner & the Islamic Manifesto

Can we all please agree that a married man who sends pictures of his penis to strangers might be someone we wouldn’t want protecting our National Security? In fact, couldn’t we equally surmise that someone so morally vacant might be the perfect weak link to someone who might wish to penetrate such a chain of security?

How many of you women reading this would tolerate such a breakdown in the most rudimentary quality of relationship?  And yet, Huma Abedin quietly has his baby and continues her role as assistant to our Secretary of State Hilary Clinton as if nothing had ever happened! In fact Huma and the most widely viewed penis in the Tri-State Area just acquired a $3.3 Million apartment in Manhattan! And who says congressional flashing doesn’t pay? The Weiner Stimulus Package… I wonder if it was a…high-rise?

I don’t find this funny at all…the fact that this man allowed the office of a Representative of the United States of America to become a joke is something every American should find patently offensive, disgraceful and an affront to all that is left honorable and decent in this world…please God, whatever that is, may it be enough for us to resuscitate.

Because we are not at the complete mercy of a blind media, we now know that Mrs. Weiner has an extremely compelling motive for tolerating the missle-aneous, penile-portrait-pushing, text-venturous pursuits of her own “Wandering Jew”. You see Huma is a Muslim…a very passionate Muslim with family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood…and Al Qaeda! Huma Abedin is inside the inside of our State Department! …married to Schumer’s boy…many would say the 2nd or 3rd  most powerful man in New York…home of the UN…The Sanctuary of Despotism! Is it just me?


So while I am processing this lunacy, I happen to tune into the Inspector Clouseau of Foreign Relations:


“We don’t know what the Muslim Brotherhood will do.” ~ Richard Haas, President of the Council on Foreign Relations since 2003, in a Bloomberg radio interview on August 15, 2012 commenting on the fate of the Middle East…Really Mr. Haas??

Here is something which is extremely important. We must prepare the generations for the hour of jihad and conflict, which is not far off. The leaders of the Zionists said they are expecting a coming war. But I say you can even be certain of it, for the Prophet (PBUH) told us, “Fight against the Jews until a Jew will hide behind the rocks and the trees, and the rocks and the trees will say, ‘O slave of Allah, o Muslim, this is a Jew behind me, come and kill him’.” ~ Abd al-Rahman al-Barr, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau


It is incumbent, therefore, on the Ummah to unite its ranks, and prepare for that day of which (the Prophet) (PBUH) informed us when he said, “The hour will not come until the Muslims will fight against the Jews until the rocks and the trees will say, ‘O Muslim, o slave of Allah, this is a Jew behind me, kill him’.” ~ Shaykh Muhammad Mukhtar al-Mahdi, professor at Al Azhar and head of the Islamic Law Society, Muslim Brotherhood

These words seem pretty crystal clear to me Mr Haas!

These words were spoken to the thousands gathered in Cairo on November 25th 2011! They are the words of those in power today!!!!! The #2 woman in our State Department is more intimately connected to a radical ideology that seeks to destroy our way of life than she is to the one document that seeks to preserve it! Let that sink in…

Do you begin to understand how deep is the doo-doo?

Who is minding the store at any critical station of our society I wonder?

  • There is no Rule of Law under Eric Holder.
  • Marxism is a permanent mold in the walls of our Public Education System.
  • Congress has become nothing more than a lucrative career path.
  • Our Supreme Court is no more than a rubber stamp for what has become an Imperial Executive Branch front for an insanely powerful and thoroughly corrupt Oligarchy.
  • Our sexually obsessed military has matters well in hand. I have it on good authority that Panetta and Weiner are working on a new Missile Offense System!
  • Timmy Geithner has our empty cash drawer covered and is eying our IRA’s with flecks of drool.
  • And what of our good shepherds, the Clergy…surely they are at their posts?

Ah yes, one has to look no further than his Eminence, our very own Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan to feel completely secure in knowing that at least our Religious Freedom is safe and sound…right? WRONG!

Picture this my friends…

Seated at the table of “Honor” of the prestigious Al Smith Dinner in October will be none other than our Jovial Host himself, the Archbishop. To his left, the President and 1st Lady. And to his right the Weiners! Well, he certainly seems to have the “Jesus dined with sinners” bases covered…I wonder if there will be any Tea Party folks invited? I’m sure Michele Bachmann and Huma would have a lot to discuss, eh?

And we think we can fix this in November? Can we all say, HARD RESET? The “only” way! I’ve bet my life on it!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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