Since You Brought Up Compassion…

How compassionate is it

  • to offer a lower college tuition to the children of illegal immigrants than children of tax-paying citizens are forced to pay?
  • to burden a struggling middle-class with the cost of providing “free” healthcare and education to the children of illegal immigrants?
  • to subject the citizens of southern border states to kidnap & extortion?
  • to saddle our children with debt they will never be able to repay (generational theft)?
  • to demonize the same 1% who pay 37% of all Federal Income Taxes?
  • to not pass a budget in 3 years?
  • to spend $111 Million to create 55 jobs! (source- Federal Stimulus Audit)
  • to spend $ 1 Trillion more than gov’t takes in 5 years in a row?
  • to “fight for the poor” wearing $6,000 dresses & taking $300,000 vacations?
  • to penalize productivity and reward non-productivity?
  • to allow the theft of $1.6 Billion (MFG) from private citizens to go unpunished?
  • to give $500 Million to President’s political cronies ( like Solyndra) who bankrupt company within 12 months?
  • to the parents, for this gov’t to refer to the Ft Hood massacre of their children to the shouts Allahu Akbar as “workplace violence”?
  • to demand benefits we don’t get and wages that double our average wages (Public/Private)?
  • to demonize the only free society in the Middle East?
  • to issue a government mandate forcing the faithful to violate their conscience?
  • to brainwash our children?
  • to force unionization?
  • to demand compassion and “social justice” using other people’s money?
  • to support a religion that is responsible for 19,250 deadly attacks since 9/11?
  • to turn the criminal who commits pedophilia into a “minor-attracted” person?
  • to slowly tear apart a 23 week old fetus because it wasn’t the right sex?

 That’s OK…as long as we’re NICE to one another! Right? (You may wish to apply rib belt here.) 🙂

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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