They Didn’t Have To Bomb Us…We Invited Them In Through Our TV!

I was listening to a radio interview on my way to work the other day. Sean Hannity was interviewing Jeff Foxworthy about his upcoming game show that tests the biblical knowledge of the participants.

During the interview, as they are talking about a fishing adventure, Jeff starts the Gilligan’s Island theme song and Sean immediately chimes in finishing the lyrics word for word…asking Jeff whether he was a Ginger guy, or a Marianne guy? “Marianne of course!”, Jeff responded.

That brought me back to the TV we all used to know and love…Get Smart ~ The Adams Family ~ The Andy Griffith Show ~ Mr. Ed ~ Flipper ~ The Real McCoys ~ Leave it to Beaver ~The Honeymooners ~ I Love Lucy ~ The Patty Duke Show ~ My Favorite Martian ~ F Troop ~ Bonanza ~ Mash ~ and on and on…

As I thought about the good old shows from the good old days, I caught myself smiling. “Were we really that easily entertained by such simple and innocent goofiness?” I wondered. And then it occurred to me that yes, we really were. And the reason we really were was because our entertainment was the sole intention of the creators and producers of the TV shows then. Period!  

I’m sorry, but nobody can convince me that our entertainment is the sole intention behind the shows Glee, Mad Men, Modern Family and Newsroom. In fact, if you really think about the evolution of TV, you can break it down into 3 distinct phases:

Phase 1 – Leave it to Beaver/ I Love Lucy ~ The Innocence Phase (Truly wholesome family fun) Load!

Phase 2 – Friends/ Seinfeld ~ The Influence Phase (Introduction of Morality = Un-Hip) Aim!

Phase 3 – Glee/ Modern Family ~ The “in-your-faceSocial-Engineering Phase (Immorality becomes a many-splendored-thing!) Fire!

                The 3-Part Execution of the American Family

1-      Family is the Essential Component

2-      Not so much

3-      Non-existent/Un-recognizable

By the time we got to Phase 3, the guys behind the curtain were looking to do way more than entertain us! All we need to do is take a look to see who is funding them! We know for a fact that George Soros has pumped millions if not billions into the networks and the media and entertainment industry over the years. Does anyone think that kind of funding doesn’t buy a huge say re: programming? Do we all understand who Soros is and what he intends?

The America we loved has become a crime scene. You don’t see the yellow tape encircling every single neighborhood in every single city, town and village…right up to your front door and around your house, but it is there. It is there just as it has always been in every single history book since the beginning of recorded time.


There is a classroom of bright and curious students in a society where individual liberty and freedom have been restored. They are surveying the scene of our crime, magically transported here by a wonderfully skilled and gifted teacher (who secured and maintained his post on merit ~ tenure was discarded by the wise who learned from our mistakes!).

You can see the sad expressions on their faces as they sift through the rubble, shaking their heads in disbelief…some with tears, wondering how we had allowed ourselves to come to this from our joyous birth only 300 years ago to the day! “What in the world is this?” someone yelled from the ruins. As they all gathered around the strange rectangular shape with a dark and broken glass front, the teacher responded “That was the murder weapon.” he said, visibly shaken. “But how…Why?” they all gasped! There was a silent pause and tension one could cut with a knife as they all gazed up at their teacher…waiting breathlessly.

“Because they allowed themselves to fall in love with their killers.” …came the reply. 

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to They Didn’t Have To Bomb Us…We Invited Them In Through Our TV!

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  2. shutupnsing says:

    This was a response from JT who was unable (for some strange reason) to comment here through the normal channel ~

    A little paranoid?…

    First …The shows you mentioned are a few of my favorites! And lest your readers think differently, I have seen you watch Mad Men, Seinfeld, and Friends and many , many occasions!
    Is it just possible that taste has changed and become more sophisticated (before you say it, I will give you the “Jersey Shore, Kardashian, Teen Mom” “reality” crap) There is plenty of garbage out there …but the shows you mentioned do not happen to come under that canopy.

    We are given choice…I understand that you may not be fully aware of that term, but choice allows each person to make their our own decision on what works best for them. But I digress.

    The shows you mentioned that were so innocent (you forgot to mention the best of all “Father Knows Best”) were so full of crap that kids watched them while on drugs and parents watched them while drinking martinis and on drugs all saying silently to themselves “what are we doing wrong?” “Why doesn’t our family look like that?”

    We have thankfully evolved into a society that understands ands allows us to see and laugh at ourselves. There is not an underling conspiracy to hypnotize us into socialists! (frightening that you think there is) The “innocent shows of yesteryear” made us feel that if we were black, or gay , or just not white and middleclass, wearing pearls and heals to do the dishes, that somehow we were not good enough. Not doing it right. (If you ever hear the actors from those shows being interviewed, you will take notice at how many were addicts, and abused and suicidal, etc etc.)

    So, for someone that likes to profess that we MUST get our heads out of the sand and look around…do that. You may want to look at the past through rose-colored distorted glasses, but for those of us that got out…no thanks! (my therapists have taken enough of my money!)

    Execution of the family? REALLY? Lighten up and come with us into the new millennium. It may not be as horrific as you make it look.

    I, for one, will take the Modern Family, Friends, Newsroom, Seinfeld depiction of us any day of the week!

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