What If You Only Had One Day?

I have dedicated my Saturday ramblings to the lighter side of life in a weekly piece simply called, What If You Only Had One Day? I actually kicked it off last Saturday with The Eyes of an Angel as a tribute to the very soul who challenged me to do this saying, “Write about anything you like…except anything political.” 🙂

                                            The Garden of Eden

I believe the first thing I would think about if I knew that only had one day, is what a God-blessed lucky man I have been. I’m sure we would all respond in different ways. Maybe some of the more ambitious would think about all they didn’t achieve. Maybe some people would worry about how they would be remembered. I’m sure many would worry about possible hardship for their surviving family members (Life Insurance is a wonderful cure for that worry…and I happen to know someone who sells it! 😉 )

But I can honestly say, that not being saddled with that worry for that reason, I would immerse myself in a vat of gratitude for more than a few moments for all of life’s gems and nuggets that I’ve been exceedingly blessed with. From the unbelievably exceptional people in my life I am honored to call “Friend”, to the woman who connected me to my passions who is now my “Wife” who came with the two greatest kids on the planet, and the re-connections with my own God-given “Family”…I honestly feel like I get up every day able to look out North, South, East and West into the Garden of Eden! How could I not fill my heart with gratitude first?

Next, assuming that I had prepared my “Family Love Letter”…oh, “what is a Family Love Letter?” you ask. It’s this wonderful organizing document that allows you to leave a detailed roadmap for everything that your family “needs” to know after you are gone. I would be happy to mail a copy to anyone who would like one. Simply tell me where to mail at cavern1@optonline.net . So assuming that you have these basics attended to and there is no “unfinished business” to deal with…oh, “what do I mean by unfinished business?” you ask. Unfinished business can mean different things to different people, but I think of it as something important that I need to say or do, to or for someone in my life. It could be an apology or a thank you…or just a simple expression of how important that person is to you. You know…the things we all think about saying but never get around to actually doing it. There is a saying (as ridiculous as it is) that he/she who dies with the most toys wins. I believe that he/she who dies with the least anger (most love) in their heart wins!

So, assuming we have all of this in order (and if not, there is no time like the present!) then I would say that the greatest thing any of us could do with our last day(s) is to figure out how we can pass on our greatest gift to those who need it most. If you aren’t sure what your greatest gift is, ask a close friend and they’ll tell you exactly what it is. Once you have this and know who you need to pass it to and how, then you know who you will be spending your remaining hours with. If you are not sure about the who and the how, then a good deep 20-30 minute meditation will help with that. Make sure you begin the meditation by setting your intention. These things will come to you, I promise. My intention is to leave the keys to the Garden with the one who needs it most…who is also the most likely one to look after it when I am gone. Wide Awake ~ Please give a listen.



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