Sunday Morning Tune-up, August 26th, 2012 Edition

We need more Christian leaders who will teach and preach the truths of God’s intention for our nation. I therefore wholeheartedly add my Hispanic voice to my black brother’s in saying, “Come out from among them!”” ~ The Re. Bill Banuchi Sr. of Newburgh, NY responding to Bishop Jackson’s call for a Christian “Exodus” from the Democrat Party

  • Bishop Jackson’s call came during the same time that my Mormon cousin sent out a passionate appeal for all Americans to go and see the new movie 2016: Obama’s America, adding a powerful Catholic Ad supporting Marriage, Sanctity of Life & Freedom of Religion to the body of his message.
  • Recently, the leader of our local Bruderhof Christian Community teamed up with a prominent Catholic leader to hold a rally for Marriage and Family in Newburgh, NY.
  • I personally took heat for pointing out the fact that the same God that is the very “Center of Influence”, source of our sacred inalienable rights and inspiration of the Founder’s vision of our American Exceptionalism…is covered in disgrace as a relic by our President at Georgetown of all places!

                            God is NOT Your Bobblehead Doll!

Good Morning Dear Friend. In case you haven’t noticed yet, we are finally feeling the refreshing breeze of courage from the places we need it the most…the Pulpits of America! Make no mistake; the thunder from Bishop Jackson’s courageous stand shook the occupiers to their very core! And the beauty of this spiritual awakening is that it is a multi-denominational awakening!

1st Newsflash! ~ That loveable jolly old guitar-strumming Marxist who calls himself Rabbi, Pastor or Priest has turned your God into nothing more than an accommodating bobblehead doll who exists to rubber stamp your “anything-goes” lifestyle. He has (with a tremendous amount of help from George Soros, Hollywood,, NEA, etc.) turned God’s Laws of Morality into an impotent culture of “Nice”. In reality, Mr. “Social Justice” has brought you to a Socially Unjust Strawberry Field…where nothing is real. Where 2 + 2 equals whatever you want it to. Where a woman is somehow free to choose what she can kill in her body, but is not free to pour a 16 oz soda into it…as your bobblehead bobbles in approval?

Finally, there are those in the Clergy who look out from their pulpits to witness the tragic consequences of this devastating lack of spiritual stewardship with the moral courage to scream, “Enough!”

2nd Newsflash! ~ The Fairy Tale is about to turn into one very, very rude awakening. While we were all inside the New World Diner celebrating our “niceness”, Mr. Hope & Change stripped our car clean! The bold shiny ride that once roared down 66 is now nothing but a skeletal chassis remains. Those of us who let the imposters into our lives with promises that were never theirs’ to make and never meant to keep, need to open their eyes and own it! The God of our Father’s doesn’t bobble!       

Note ~ There is a Great War coming! The Diabolical is not about to give back what it has taken. The line has been drawn and sides are being chosen, whether by action or inaction. You can tell the right side from the wrong by the courage it takes to get there. The examples I highlighted above demonstrate such courage. Unfortunately, there are some who wear the robes of leadership who aren’t up to the task …


Thanks Margaret! 🙂


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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