A Day of Fasting

The America Session

America the Beautiful (Please listen after reading)

I am fasting today in solidarity with my friends of the Bruderhof, and I am encouraging you to do the same. They are the greatest Ambassadors to the Kingdom of God that I know!

They know, as do I, that man’s greatness never has and never will save us…but the greatness of man’s faith will! Those of us old enough to remember, know that our society was never greater than when our Trust in God was printed on our hearts…as well as our money. Our leaders used to stand behind God…and today they stand in front of his image covered in black drapes.

So please join us to the extent it is medically possible. If you are reading this after you have already had your breakfast, then make your fast 24 hours from this point. And please remember to vote…because America is Beautiful and we must always remember how and why that is!

May God’s grace shine in every heart this day…and every day!

Faithfully yours,


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

Photography Credit ~ Bob Skinner

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3 Responses to A Day of Fasting

  1. Wendy Nowak says:

    I’ve been ‘fasting’ and praying for the past 40 days. Thus far, my fast has been a restricted diet of 2-3 meals a day, allowing no snacking, no extras. (Lost 15 pounds, which is an added bonus). I plan to do a full-blown fast today as the culmination of my journey. I must say I’m feeling better, both physically and especially spiritually, as my journey draws to a close.

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