The Morning After

I crawled into bed before the end wanting to be well under the covers and anesthetized by the mercy of sleep to escape the pain. I can tell you that this moment is the lowest and darkest moment of my entire life.

There are so many paths and variables from here…

My last tweet before surrendering to the oblivion of sleep was, Trust in God. So if indeed I meant that, which I surely did, then it is implicit in every turn of events. I had hung my hopes on a Chick-fil-A  theory that there were enough Americans like you and I who would rise up to carry the day…but the takers have the wheelhouse on the morning after. This begs the question, “What are you and I prepared to do?”

                                             Three Scenarios

1) You and I know that this election hasn’t changed reality. Barack Hussein Obama is not qualified to hold the office. The tipping weight of Takers doesn’t change Truth. There are two possible avenues to correct this:

  • Make a case, prosecute and win on the basis of Election Fraud.
  • Make a case, Impeach and win on the Benghazi Cover-up.

Note– The question becomes how does a corrupt regime allow its own prosecution?

2) The stage for the next four years is set with the old if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em mentality, as the ranks of the Tea Party morph into the ranks of the Takers and go along to get along. We slowly transform first into European style Socialism and within two years…tyranny.

3) The road to complete financial collapse is accelerated because of a doubling down on bad policy and civil unrest leads to the premature attempt at Marshall Law (Before the well-armed Tea Party has given up the ghost) leading to a revolutionary reset and birth of the 2nd Republic!                                               

Regardless of which scenario plays out, you and I must never lose heart. This is our moment in time to strengthen, not weaken our resolve. Regardless of which scenario plays out, you and I have a legacy to safeguard and keep for those who follow. We will never surrender such precious treasure to thieves and liars…ever! We must find a way to stay connected and prepare…because know this for a fact. At this very moment they are scheming on the severing of our communication and access to Truth!

May God hold us together as only he can to keep a candle in the window, and the pulse of the American Dream alive. We are the Vendee…We bow to God and God only!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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6 Responses to The Morning After

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  2. Martin T. D. Burnett says:

    Maybe a few bow to God only but under the new Fuhrer, it will be bow or be shot. The Bastille has fallen again and the mob is ruling. It will be interesting to see how long before the business and financial sectors start to collapse. I think they have been holding on to the hope that Romney might have won. I don’t think we will last until the midterms. This man is so destructive with his executive orders alone! Above that, Obamacare will no go completely into effect unless the House finds a way to defund it or the States impose their 9th and 10th Amendment rights. I am beyond sick and terrified at the moment. I might have more fight left in me had this annoying back injury not cut my physical power by about 50%! God left the world in our hands and gave us the tools with which to run it. He doesn’t intervene. We have free will for a reason. The question now is, who’s free will is to dominate, the communists, or the conservatives? The RINO”s have sabotaged us again. I hope I can curb this anxiety enough to complete my preparations. I am at a loss at the moment. Best wishes,Marty

    • shutupnsing says:

      Marty…I somehow missed your post until this very moment. Your sentiments speak for a good many of us my friend. Don’t lose heart…this has only accelerated the inevitable. Let the fools gloat while we prepare. 😉

  3. My heart is broken and I did not sleep last night. To think so many voted for a man not even qualified to be a dog catcher boggles my mind. The thing that stunned me the most was in Florida, a monster like Grayson was voted in, while a patriot Allen West was voted out. I just don’t understand who these voters are anymore. They are not my people! These are people who want free stuff, who want things handed to them, people who take no responsibility for any of their actions but blame others for their misfortunes. These next 4 years are going to be very telling. I pray our House Republicans can keep watch on our debt. I would love to see this President and Vice-President impeached and removed over the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. This should have been taken care of before the election, but with the help of the main-stream media, it was well hidden. Such a disgrace.
    Thank you for being here all this time and keeping us informed with your words and music. They will always be remembered.

  4. Erick Amthor says:

    I have been preparing for the possibility of B.O.’s re-election, mentally and physically for awhile. While it is disappointing, we who have faith that God is in control can take heart. The state schools have been brainwashing our young for a long time. Those of us who are able must take responsibility for directing the upbringing of our children and grandchildren. It is by taking back the education of our next generations that we may see change for the better in our country. Our nation, including many churches left God a long time ago. God will not be mocked. He will not bless a nation consumed with idolatry. We were blessed with a grandson last Friday night. I view Asher as a vessel for God’s Holy Spirit. It is up to his parents and family to prepare him and protect him from the enemy who is the god of this world. My prayer is that other believers will make a similar commitment to their families. Amen?

  5. shutupnsing says:

    WOW…Diane, I hadn’t realized that Allen West lost as well…Whew! Erick is so right…we have done and will continue to do all we can do, but God is ultimately in control. Ann Barnhardt covers it well in her “Preaching to the Remnant” blog on 11/5
    Welcome to the world Asher…we hope to have this all straightened out by the time you start school! hehehe

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