The Great American Tragedy

                                                  Part 1

If you morphed the most tragic ending scenes from movies like Sunset Boulevard with A Star is Born to produce the distilled essence of the word pathetic, you would in turn capture the Democrat and Republican in absolute twin grotesque horror…casting their vacant smiles and counterfeit charms onto the equally grotesque and vacant bread & circus-drunken zombified masses!

Like two old worn-out vaudeville has-beens, forever pickled in their own intoxifying brine of bullshit, they are trapped in the final act of their own death scene…caught in the dilemma between fleeing from disgrace and having nowhere else to go! As the world audience grimaces its torturous dilemma of desperately wanting to run out of the theater and not being able to look away…like the scene of a very, very bad accident.

Oh, you missed the ending? Well, the Democrats who actually booed God apparently won the hearts and (minds) of the people. And the Republicans lost because they weren’t Democrat enough. I think that would be the narrative NUTSHELL! Actually, that’s not quite true. You see there is a clever little sub plot the masses, in their intellectual laziness, haven’t glommed onto yet.

Not only have they created this very theater from the sweat of their own desires and someone else’s blood, they have built it on the foundation of their newly won freedom! Free at last! Free at last! Triumphantly bursting from the antiquated shackles and chains of Natural Law, free to stick it wherever he chooses…Narcissus sits upon his throne in front row center, with Republican on one knee and Democrat on the other as the curtain rises on the last scene to the collective gasp of the Godless…and the deafening roar of God’s last laugh…but this wasn’t in the script!

The Progressive Renaissance Man; the hero of the Masses pretzeled in cosmic contortion upon the stage in the literally, figuratively and obscenely climactic scene…having finally found a way to stick it to himself!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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1 Response to The Great American Tragedy

  1. Golu says:

    I’m still trying to learn what our fdroneus meant when they specified you must be a natural born citizen to become President.I don’t believe they were thinking being a son of a Kenyan British subject and 18 years old American girl as his mother would make him a natural born citizen.Native born? Perhaps. Natural born? Hell no. But, my fellow Americans, our boy Barry isn’t our problem. Those traitors we have in DC are our problem. Could it not be the communist party has taken out Senate over? Be prepared.And just think, Barry is the first usurper in office, he isn’t the first man in to [reach] for our guns.VA:F [1.9.22_1171](from 1 vote)

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