“There’s Nothing We Can Do.”

I heard an interview the other day where the reporter grabbed your “average Joe” to get his take on raising the George Washington Bridge Toll to $15. The average Joe looked into the camera and said, “There’s nothing we can do.” (It was only $3 as recently as 1991)

After a flicker of pondering the irony of paying a $15 TAX to cross a bridge that honors the man who led us to the freedom from tyranny’s favorite tool in the first place, I thought to myself what will it take for us to realize “There is nothing we cannot do.

I’ve linked to a wonderfully painful presentation by Ann Barnhardt here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6Iozyg-xs4&feature=player_embedded#! I say painful because for those brave enough to watch it in it’s entirety, it is nothing less than standing toe to toe in a starring contest with Truth…knowing A) you cannot win, and B) Once you’ve seen it and it has found your heart, you cannot go back. Every step back or in any other direction is a lie to yourself…and to God!

The fact is that our Republic is as dead as a door nail, and not only are we living in a state of deep dark denial…we are also living as serfs in the state of “Arbitrary Tyranny” as Ann points out, where:

  • Homeless man robs liquor store for $50 and gets 10 years.
  • Jon Corzine steals $1.6 Billion and walks away!

Why? Because enough of the 300 million of us believe…There’s nothing we can do.

How long do we pretend? How long will we be able to get our kids ready for school, wave to our neighbors and trudge off to the livelihoods we cling to before the cracks begin to show? How do we dismiss the re-election of a total fraud who has all he can do to conceal his Machiavellian rapture for having succeeded in fooling enough of the people all of the time, as anything less than our own death knell?

  • GOP Poll Inspectors illegally removed from voting locations!
  • More than 100% of registered voters turning out to vote…all for Obama!
  • Computers reverting to a default Obama vote regardless of whom the voter selected!
  • Absentee ballots counted while neutral observers were blocked from supervising!
  • Military ballots not delivered on time to active-duty servicemen & women around the world!
  • Illegal campaign contributions, deceased & illegal alien voters, “lost ballots” and intimidation at the polls!

How? Because enough of the 300 million of us believe…There’s nothing we can do.

“The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience and ability.”

— Henry Ford, carmaker

How is it that we possess all three and yet in one generation, we’ve allowed ourselves to become wards of a State ruled by Godless psychopaths who enrich themselves while impoverishing us…subjecting our children and our children’s children to lives of much less at the very least, or condemning them to the oppressive bonds of Tyranny in the way more likely scenario?

Well there may be nothing you can do…but here is something you will know~

“Acknowledging the Obama Putsch Regime as legitimate government is an act of explicit consent!” ~ Ann Barnhardt

Try that on for size! 🙂


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to “There’s Nothing We Can Do.”

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  2. Philip Topps says:

    Truth to Power: All that is necessary for evil to succeed, is for good men (and women) to do nothing.

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