Thugs Will Be Thugs ~ Courage is the Only Cure!

What will no doubt go down in history as one of the greatest ironic scams of all time…while the 1st Lady was leading the national fight against bullying, we elected the biggest bully on the planet to a 2nd term! And I’m not simply talking about his Chicago style campaign tactics or his “my way or the highway” posture on the edge of the fiscal cliff.

What I’m talking about is a man who is as closely aligned with Mohamed Badie and Essam El-Erian of the Muslim Brotherhood as he is with Jimmy Hoffa of the Brotherhood of Teamsters! That makes Obama the biggest baddest brotha in the world!  and we just gave the biggest bully in the world four more years!

And you think you’ve got a Republic? Think again! Rule of Law has just become Law of the Jungle…world wide! You want freedom in Cairo…prepare to be raped and beaten in exchange. You had better want it badly! You want “right to work” in Michigan…prepare to take some punches. Welcome to hope & change…where you hope they leave you alive after they’ve stolen all your change.

Oh, you can look away…for a little while. You can continue to tell yourself that this too shall pass. But then you would be grossly mistaken. And it could be the worst mistake of your life. Trust me…you do not want to be the weakest gazelle on the Serengeti when the rains go away. On the other hand, you could start to pay less attention to what they are all saying and begin to open your eyes to what they are all doing…and take some simple steps to prepare for it.

The very first ingredient in our toolbox for the future is courage. Allow me to introduce you to the two most courageous people on the planet today. They know exactly who we are dealing with and how to deal with them. I suggest you study up…

Pamela Geller

Ann Barnhardt


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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