Lightworkers or Sweat Equity for the LOVE of God?

“”Lightworker” is a term coined years ago.  It describes people, just like you and me, who are finally ‘done’ with eons of discord among people on the planet.  These souls may be awakening slowly to this awareness, but it is gently leading them to choose to think in new and more compassionate ways, let go of old belief systems that just don’t ‘feel’ right or true and manage rather than express and perpetuate unloving reactions.  They choose to quiet their minds so they can move into their own deep inner silence – where peace and Spirit resides”…and they all lived happily ever after. NOT!  

Sunday Morning on CBS had a very interesting segment on Religion in America this past Sunday as part of the discussion on the Newtown Tragedy. The shocking take away for me was this…One generation ago one in five American citizens claimed affiliation with a religion. Today it is one in twenty!

The fairy tale excerpt above was found in the body of one of the most disturbing collection of words I’ve ever read. Words so blatant and obvious in their seduction, the totally accurate distilled translation should read, “Hey little girl, would you like some candy?” These words were taken from the body of an email (included at the very end of this posting) sent to me by a very sweet and lovely friend. This same friend recently loaned me a copy of A Course in Miracles which she described as her source of spiritual nutrition and sanity in an otherwise insane world.

As I glanced through the preface and leafed through random passages, a thought came clearly to me. If I were the Devil himself I couldn’t have designed a better and more clever detour from the Truth. And then I decided to investigate a little further and went to the Internet where I found numerous warnings from legitimate clergy including this ~ During an October 1994 lecture on “Discernment” given at Holy Cross Church, Rumson, N.J., Fr.  Groeschel stated that he believed that Helen Shucman’s (Miracles author) experience with the channeled “spirit” was possibly a true diabolic manifestation.

There is a term in the financial world called “sweat equity”. It refers to the personal commitment, sacrifice, time and labor one invests in the hopes of a suitable return. I would like to use it to demonstrate a very crucial point in all of this. There were two astoundingly profound “sweat equity” moments in American History the Collectivists would love for you to forget. The first was the moment we decided to declare our independence from the taxing rule of a monarch. The second was when what is commonly referred to as the Greatest Generation saved the world from an even darker collection of dictators and despots!

The first moment created the seedling that would be explosively transformed into the mightiest Oak the world has ever known to rise from the second moment…an Oak whose benevolent branches have done more to spread the light of liberty and freedom to more people in the world than any other society in the history of the world! And all of this was only made possible by the precious “sweat equity” of the American Citizenry.

So how in the world is it possible that a nation with such an amazing history, having contributed so generously to the betterment of mankind as a direct result of applying the fuel of “sweat equity” to the engine of Free Market Capitalism can literally turn around and RE-elect the “You didn’t build that!” Marxist on November 6th 2012?

Answer~ The dream-weaving Lightworkers have fashioned the ultimate Invisibility Cloak for the Devil in their endless pursuit of feel-good-isms!

  • In one generation we went from one in five to one in twenty because…It’s ALL good!
  • In one generation we went from “sweat equity” to Obamaville because…It’s ALL good!

And perhaps most pathetically, and in the wake of yet another school massacre, our regions top shepherd…his “Eminence” Cardinal Timothy Dolan takes to the airwaves on behalf of his masters to echo their demands for gun control. He of course says nothing about the effects of violent video games, numbers of children growing up without fathers, or an entertainment industry obsessed with violence, etc. This guy is the picture-perfect caricature of the Bishop who shilled for the villainous Prince John in Robin Hood!

Note– There is a very special place in Hell for the Devil’s Waterboy!  What is the Cross if not the greatest example of Sweat & Blood Equity ever? In this video our Cardinal (then Bishop) smiles as the “Lightworkers” desecrate the Holy Sanctity of the Eucharist at 1:29! 

The bottom line is this. Lightworkers are simply those who prefer “light work” over sweat equity, work best in the dark, prefer the gray shadows to the black and white of truth, fear confrontation and will always leave the heavy lifting of accountability to others…until the day of reckoning.

The following video is the best point by point presentation I’ve ever seen (as a CFP!) of what happened to us while the Dream-weavers were weaving the It’s ALL good quilt we used to make our bed…including some very good and sage advice at the very end.

In the meantime feel free to enjoy the following email from the friend who closed with a touching tribute to John Lennon. It’s only fitting that I send you on your magical mystery tour with another Lennon quote …

Picture yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies…

12-12-12 marks the gateway to a ‘golden age’ spoken of in many spiritual and cultural traditions, with meditations scheduled around the planet. 

12-21-12 marks the end of a 26,000 year era… and while you won’t hear about it through the mainstream media, there are astonishing numbers of people who believe the transition marks the dawn of a new era that is already amplifying a rise in human consciousness and an awakening from eons of sleep on unfathomable levels.  There is great hope that as a collective consciousness, we are birthing an age that will bring Peace, Abundance and Equality to every incarnate spirit.  Now, how cool is THAT?  

Even if it sounds a little hard to believe, would you want to miss lending your best intentions to these truly once in a lifetime evolutionary experiences?  

At the very least, according to ‘real life’ astronomers, 12-21-12 marks a spectacular celestial alignment of two events: 

The first event, on December 21st, is most well known as the winter solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year, when the sun’s daily maximum elevation in the sky is the lowest on the horizon. The seasonal significance of the winter solstice is in the reversal of the gradual lengthening of nights and shortening of days.

The second event on 12-21-12 is the galactic alignment where our sun will have moved to the exact middle of the ‘dark rift’ in the absolute center of the Milky Way galaxy, on a plane exactly in line with Mercury, Venus and Earth on one side of the Sun, and with Mars in that same alignment on the other side of the Sun.  

Alone, each event happens on an annual basis, but together… they coincide only once every 26,000 years!

One reason for the significance of the 12-21-12 solstice/alignment is that it was accurately predicted by the Maya from a point several thousand years ago!   (Without ANY technology available.)  In fact, five cycles of the Mayan ‘Long Count’ calendar, which are each 5,125 years in length,  add up to the year and winter solstice of 2012 – calculated thousands of years ago within one-half of one percent accuracy!  

The Maya civilization itself began and ended in less than one Long Count, but they knew exactly where they were in time in relation to the 5,125 year cycle, which is shown by their not having begun to use their Long Count system as if they were on the first day. In fact, it seems that the calendar was shifted intentionally in order to place its restart date exactly on the winter solstice of 2012. In other words, the error of one-half of one percent did not come into play at all.  (Paraphrased from a fascinating essay by Thomas Razzeto titled:  The Actual Astronomy of 2012 and the Sacred Triple Rebirth of the Sun (Copyright 2008.)  

 (Here’s a link I created to images of this alignment:  

Galactically speaking, of itself, the coinciding of these alignments is pretty awesome – BUT… What if there is already much more happening than what our limited physical senses can perceive as this alignment occurs?  

What if waves of energy are embracing the Earth,  filled with peaceful and loving intentions projected by people like ourselves?  

What if we are in the midst of a monumental transition for humanity, a transition out of a collective consciousness that has manifested thousands of years of war, strife, stress and disconnection?  What if the crazy, insane events on the planet are simply the last hurrah of a consciousness that has lost its power?

“Lightworker” is a term coined years ago.  It describes people, just like you and me, who are finally ‘done’ with eons of discord among people on the planet.  These souls may be awakening slowly to this awareness, but it is gently leading them to choose to think in new and more compassionate ways, let go of old belief systems that just don’t ‘feel’ right or true and manage rather than express and perpetuate unloving reactions.  They choose to quiet their minds so they can move into their own deep inner silence – where peace and Spirit resides.   

Ever growing numbers of lightworkers are ready and, more important, are  consciously willing that changes on a global scale manifest for the highest good of all on the Earth.  They want to share and spread ‘Light’ in the form of compassionate love, knowledge (vs. perception), and freedom in its most metaphysical sense, by encouraging others to understand how to truly love themselves, and to understand why self love is so vital to spiritual evolution.  

Sensing that ‘there must be a better way’ and questioning “Is this all there is to life?”, we are opening to our ‘mystical’ selves, to more consistently conscious awareness of our own divinity… and to our Unity with each other and with “All That Is.”

On 12-12-12, Be present, during the live presentation and meditation offered by Maureen Moss and the World Puja Network – or join later via the replay –  Register here:  

Or simply join your intentions with those whose intentions are already linked worldwide.  On 12-21-12, step into a brand new era, preparing to be delighted beyond your wildest expectations… if that is your choice.  Either way, you’ll play an integral part as:

What was fragmented becomes United

What was separated becomes Whole

What was fear filled be reborn as Total Love

Those who believed they were many remember they are One.

Isn’t it time?

  “You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m NOT the only one.”

Give it some thought, OK?  And get in touch with your own ‘inner mystic’!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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