The Heart Controls the Blinds!

The best source of news in the Hudson Valley and the State of New York turned off “the lights” until the first of the New Year (and not a minute later I hope & pray). Here is the link to her last newsletter in 2012

There was something about this particular issue, Lisa’s observations and the wonderful sentiments expressed by readers at the end that made me realize something vitally crucial to our cause. In nearly every comment, there was the same question: Why doesn’t everybody see this?

The state of the world we see is the sum total of events we find unacceptable. For example I will list my own personal top 3:

  • Benghazi
  • Fast & Furious
  • The imposition of the HHS Mandate

How could any good and decent American accept the lies and cover-up surrounding the tragedy of Benghazi? Four Americans killed on American soil, two of whom gave their lives so that 20 of their fellow Americans could live!  How does any good person look their own children in the eye and accept that their Secretary of State has rejected 4 requests to testify including the hearings this week…because she fell and bumped her head? You and I see that Benghazi was the center of the Obama’s gun-running operation to the Muslim Brotherhood. Why don’t they?

How do these same good and decent Americans lead their own children to do what’s right…and yet shrug away the Fast & Furious scandal? How in the world would they submit to gun control laws imposed by the very same people who put thousands of illegally obtained assault weapons into the hands of ruthless drug cartels…resulting in the deaths of hundreds of innocent men, women and children? You and I see that Fast & Furious was Obama’s insane back-fired attempt to blow out our 2nd Amendment by creating the illusion of bad guys killing innocent people with guns easily obtained in the US…which of course the MSM would happily sensationalize! Why don’t they?

Finally and perhaps most astoundingly, how on earth can any American who has been blessed above all others, to raise their children in a land so rich in opportunity, abundance and freedom BECAUSE of the protections of the 1st Amendment not recoil with us in horror and shock when it is threatened? You and I see that the HHS Mandate is the most grievous and direct assault on every American who is FORCED to violate their Religious Conscience by its very imposition! You and I see that every American who files their taxes will be FORCED by the State to commit mortal sin by funding abortion! Why don’t they?

This is what I’ve learned because of friends like Lisa Douglas and the friends of Lisa Douglas. People don’t see when the blinds are closed. And people don’t open blinds with their minds…they are only opened with their hearts. When you stop and think about it, Liberals have done a much better job of speaking to people’s hearts than Conservatives. Very bad things are happening in our world at this very moment because of closed blinds that desperately need opening. Imagine the following…

The very same people responsible for the three events above are using the families of the slaughtered victims in Newtown to disarm the American People. Imagine the power of the heart of 26 families to open the blinds on these jackals…shouting “NO YOU DON’T” in one unified voice!

My prayer for 2013, as a tribute to the children and their teachers, is that we all do a better job of speaking from and TO the heart. I honestly believe that if each of us can do this we will soon have a world that each of us can live with…and in.


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to The Heart Controls the Blinds!

  1. erick says:

    Dear Chip, It can make us crazy if we don’t accept that the (human led) world had a beginning and has an end. Our once great nation is a blip in history. We both know that the Bible is full of accounts of nations rejecting The Almighty and being given over to ruin. Accepting that we are in the downward spiral doesn’t mean we have to give up the fight. We hold those we love closer. We draw closer to our brothers and sisters in Christ. I believe that our nation is going to go through some very tough times. If enough people turn back to Him He may bless us again. I hope you and yours enjoy the blessings of love and joy because we know how the story ends. Erick

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