The Whereabouts of the Real Man

There’s a scene in the old Paul Newman movie Hombre where Richard Boone’s character confronts a man inside a stagecoach stop. In front of all the other travelers, he demands the man give him his ticket. The man, frozen in fear, looks around the room as if hoping for another traveler to come to his aid…and then, with his head low, he submits. For me it was perhaps the most powerful scene of cowardice ever captured on film.

All one needs to know to fully grasp the sorry state of American Manhood is the following:

The Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder is directly responsible for both of these facts! While Aaron Swartz may never have made the impact on our lives that Steve Jobs did, he clearly seemed to have the same Jobs desire to make a positive difference. King Shabazz, on the other hand, as much as admits he would kill a generation of Steve Jobs in their mother’s wombs if he could…for the crime of being white.

Eric Holder literally hounds the one to death while practically driving the getaway car for the other while an entire nation of good men do NOTHING! Barack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder are Richard Boone’s character demanding the ticket to America! And WE the pathetic excuses of manhood we are, peeing ourselves, frozen in our gutless panic or indifference (it makes no matter!), anxiously survey the room for someone who’ll do our job for us!

The reality of course is that these frauds are not men at all. The fact is and always has been, that money and power make men appear much larger than they inevitably turn out to be…as the Persian King Xerxes is so effectively and cleverly portrayed in the movie The 300. In fact, if you look closely, Obama is Xerxes!

I believe that one day we will all realize the Whereabouts of the Real Man was really a simple Progressive/Marxist Trick! The “Magic Box”, as Bishop Williamson refers to it, has turned Hombre into the King of Queens before our very eyes!

Oh what a joyous day it will be

When I and the 299 get to look at thee…

…and watch you survey the room,

knowing your doom!


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Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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