An Open Letter to Governor Cuomo

January 16, 2013

An Open Letter to Governor Cuomo

Dear Governor Cuomo ~

I’ve lived and worked in Orange County New York for the past 25 years. My father and his parents before him were born and raised in Syracuse, New York. I have raised my own family and made wonderful friends here. I Love New York!

I thought I knew where it was I lived until I heard your State of the State Address…and now I am not so sure. What on earth do you mean when you refer to New York as the “Progressive Capital of America”? You see, my father and my father’s father grew up in the “United” States of America, not the “Progressive” States of America. They taught me, as I’ve taught my children why it is we Pledge our Allegiance to the “United” States of America.

I can’t say that I knew your father when he served the citizens as Governor, but I can say that I had tremendous regard and respect for him as an American Statesman. I cannot say that I know you either, but what I am seeing in you and hearing from you is deeply troubling and confusing to me as a hard working, tax-paying citizen of this State I love. Your help in clarifying some minor points would go along way towards transforming the potentially toxic troubling and confusing to the more collegial sort of ideological debate we Americans have always relished.

I believe Governor, that Truth is the Foundation of Liberty and not the other way around. I would ordinarily have assumed that you as a Catholic would believe the same. And yet, you chose to govern against the will of the people, violate the Truth of the Church and usurp the authority of God himself to redefine the meaning of Marriage in New York! Is this what it means to be Progressive?

I believe Governor that it is my duty and obligation as a citizen to “support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” I believe that you yourself swore an oath before God to do the same as Governor. And yet you have just taken a most grievous action in direct violation of that oath in your illegal assault on our 2nd Amendment! Surely you are aware that the Framers did not enshrine this Right as our 2nd most important Right…to protect us from deer? Is this what it means to be Progressive?

I would caution you Governor, with all due respect, to think carefully about where your Progressive bus is leading you and this State I love. I am tired of watching more and more of my good friends and neighbors flee New York as if she were the Titanic! I implore you to heed the wisdom of Alan Keyes when he writes, “Ignorance and folly may lead susceptible people to accept the poisonous stew of lies that identifies this noxious view of freedom as “progressive”. In effect, however, it is exactly the opposite. It aims to mute the twin voices of reason and conscience, thereby intentionally promoting human degeneracy. As these twin voices fall silent, people become less and less capable of standing apart from the compulsive stream of merely sensual perception and experience. Their inner life becomes a montage of preoccupying images and impressions, devoid of logic and the conceptual perceptions it makes possible. Eventually their consciousness becomes barely distinguishable from what appears to be the consciousness of beasts, deprived of all but the most rudimentary capacity for self-conscious thought or action.

It is both correct and inevitable to conclude (as Joseph Farah reports Bill Clinton does) that people in whom distinctly human consciousness is thus virtually extinguished, cannot be trusted to make right use of liberty, or the arms required to defend it.”

We are standing at the proverbial line in the sand Governor. The people of New York deserve a leader who can be trusted to live up to his sacred oath! It is my hope and prayer that you will summon the inner courage and strength that only God can impart, to lead us from the abyss that we shall otherwise surely tumble into.


Chip Murray

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