The Problem with “Truth”

Eleison Comments

The Nesting Dolls of Truth

The Nesting Dolls of Truth

“And be not afraid of them that kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” ~ Jesus Christ, Mt. 10.28

“Do you think if it was the fairy tale about a man who lived inside of a whale and it was religion that Jack built a beanstalk today, you would know the difference? Why do you believe in one fairy tale and not the other? Just because adults told you it was true and they scared you into believing it, at pain of death, at pain of burning in hell.”~ Bill Maher

“Truth? What is Truth?” Pontius Pilate asked of Jesus…

I am convinced at this stage of my life that this is the $17 Trillion question that most of us already hold the answer to, but precious few have the courage to face. Pilate knew…he was staring at it! But, he had a job to do and a family to feed.

Truth is the shepherd we shall not want! It’s sort of like your mind plays chess with itself in order to balance the necessary amount of integrity with the things you want out of life. There is an innate fear that in tending your garden, the pesky little root you pull up will lead to the tree too big to confront…so you find ways around it.

Think of it in the incremental context of opening the Russian Nesting Babushka Dolls. We know in advance that each one will hold an increasingly painful truth, from the discomfort of the first to the agony of the eighth. For example:

1- Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy are not real.

2- The Monkees didn’t write or play their own songs.

3- “Playing House” is the hardest work there is!

4- The Wars on Poverty, Drugs & Women is really the War on Taxpayers & Life itself!

5- Our “Representatives”, “Educators”, “Media” and “Clergy” are Puppets of the State!

6- The Transubstantiation in the Eucharist is real!

7- I am financing, legitimizing and contributing to my own enslavement!

8- The actual agonizing life or death moment of individual Truth!


Following the breadcrumbs and feeder roots of Truth is like discovering the first signs of mold in your home. There’s a very big part of us that just wants to paint over it, because in our heart of hearts we know what is on the other side of that wall. Somewhere between the 4th and 5th Babushka we allow ourselves to get stuck. This place is an earthly purgatory if ever there was one! I’ve seen good conservative, traditional and patriot-minded people I know and love, dance the Devil’s dance here! We choose not to open the 6th for 2 reasons;

#1 ~ We don’t believe we have the capacity or the resources to deal with the Truth we find there.

#2 ~ We know that finding it will separate us from our attachment to people and things.

There are also countervailing forces that act to prevent us from progressing, which is quite ironical when you consider the strongest head winds are blown by those who call themselves “Progressive”! Social Justice is the strongest of these.  Social Justice is the Trojan Horse used by the Diabolical One to get inside the heart of man. Once inside, the rest of the world slowly becomes the dispassionate stranger. The heart thus blinded is unable to see that while the object of the “Justice” is never satisfied and further disenfranchised, the Horse’s Master consolidates ever-increasing power and control.

John from Maybrook writes “Ideological purity is obsolete” in his letter to the editor in yesterday’s TH-Record.“We should build that middle road. Once completed, hopefully as time passes more and more citizens will take it and follow the signposts. Then crisis management will be replaced with good governance and America’s serious issues can be adequately addressed.” he writes.

His words tug at the heart don’t they? They are great except for the fact that they are wrong…and they are wrong because they require the false premise of a “subjective truth”…in this case two equal truths that must concede equal ground to find the “middle road”. Interestingly, it is the very same soothing voice that keeps us from #6, echoed by even the good shepherds of the Church, reducing God himself to a quaint idea on par with Santa and the Easter Bunny!

Bishop Williams says it much better than I in the attached “Eleison Comments” above. Warning– Reading this could very well lead you to #6!

By the way, none of us would have the slightest bit of trouble getting to #8 if we believed the Hope Diamond itself was nested there…as if the salvation of our own eternal soul wasn’t enough.

“We live in a world recently comprised of three basic tenets; postpone, make up facts to suit the goals of some nation or nations and throw money at anything that moves. This is an inherently unstable construct and yet that is what our brilliant leaders have embraced. I will tell you this; when chicanery is trotted out as truth, when liabilities are not counted, when losses are termed investments, when the only answer to anything is the printing of more small pieces of green and blue paper then trouble is approaching with a capital “T” and the future is a bleak cloud of foreboding.”- Mark J. Grant


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