“First Principles” in the Court of the Crimson King

The Crimson King

The Crimson King

With his mouth, the Godless destroys his neighbor; but through knowledge, the righteous escape. ~ Proverbs 11.9

A man who lacks judgment derides his neighbor; but a man of understanding holds his tongue. ~ Proverbs 11.12

A generous man will prosper. He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed. ~ Proverbs 11.25

If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land. ~ 2nd Chronicles, 7.14

I almost don’t have to write a word, because what took place during the White House Prayer Breakfast on February 7th speaks for itself. Many of you have seen this 26 minute clip already, but I would encourage everyone to rent the movie, The Ben Carson Story and THEN watch this clip again, and again, and again because altogether, this is the real story of America’s true greatness!

On February 7th  Truth itself strode into the Lion’s Den, delivered an opening salvo directly into the face of the Godless destroyer, the great divider, the great coveter and jealous king himself. As he spoke, the power of his words expanded to fill the room with light…while his host grew darker and smaller until he almost disappeared entirely.

This is the awesome power of Truth when it is present. It is invincible and beyond debate. The only possible weapon the Tyrant can wield against it is a suppressive force that only invites a more powerful successor. Every single syllable uttered from Dr. Carson’s lips was antithetical holy water to the diabolical forces that have laid siege to our highest levels of government! It was truly something to behold. 

We as a people can never let this candle be extinguished, as dark as things may seem. We must safeguard this flame if it is the very last thing we do. God Bless you Dr. Ben Carson! http://www.c-spanvideo.org/clip/4353213

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1 Response to “First Principles” in the Court of the Crimson King

  1. erick says:

    Amen brother! In that speech Dr Carson demonstrated more intelligence, character, Godly humility and common sense than we’ve seen in four years from the Obama regime. Lifted my spirit.

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