How Long Will the Jews Snooze?

There is some speculation that Obama’s pick for our nation’s top spy, John Brennan, is a recent convert to Islam. Is it true? Would it matter? Let’s step back and review.

  • We have a President who spent part of his childhood in a Muslim country as a Muslim who once stated that his favorite sound was the Islamic Call to Prayer, who wears a ring inscribed in Arabic, “There is no God but Allah”, who claimed to be Christian in order to become POTUS.
  • The Obama Administration intervened aggressively in a most unprecedented way on behalf of the controversial Imam who was behind the Mosque at Ground Zero.
  •  The Obama Administration officially designated the Fort Hood Massacre by a Radical Islamic Terrorist, “Workplace Violence”…one of its many actions that inspired Ft. Hood survivor Kimberly Munley to recently proclaim “President Obama betrayed us.”
  • The same American President who denied Netanyahu’s personal request to meet before last year’s UN Conference, extends the hand of gracious hospitality in hosting numerous meetings with leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • It is around this time that several Representatives of Congress led by Michelle Bachmann raise the issue of the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration into key areas of the United States Government…including top positions within the Department of Homeland Security!
  • The Obama Administration has yet to come clean on the Benghazi Massacre, which is now widely believed to have been the center the Administration’s GUN RUNNING operation to the…wait for it…Muslim Brotherhood!
  • Who is slipping into the great Middle Eastern Power Vacuum that our Liar in Thief referred to as an “Arab Spring” a little more than a year ago? You guessed it…the Muslim Brotherhood!
  • Al Jazeera is to the Muslim Brotherhood exactly what Joseph Goebbels was to the very same evil that was Adolf Hitler! They are also the Fossil Fuel Titan of the World that just put $100,000,000 into the pocket of Al Gore in exchange for access into every home in America! Google it!

All this leaves me to wonder, as an Israel-loving Gentile, what bizarre strand of masochism runs so inherently and consistently through the DNA of the Jewish Race?????

And then there’s HagelOy Vey!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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4 Responses to How Long Will the Jews Snooze?

  1. Seems to add up… unless your wearing the veil! not to mention , 20 f-16s and a ship full of Abrahms tanks to Morsi and the brotherhood.

  2. Unbelievable. The greatest threat to the future of our nation sits in our White House, and what’s the headline today – “CNN asks if Rubio’s sip of water was a ‘career ender'”! Barack is just one man, this nation would and should never be threatened by one man’s actions, yet we are. Why? In my view it’s because there is no longer a free press, the press we rely on to investigate and expose stories and situations that endanger the public and the republic, and that loss of an independent press leaves us vulnerable to the workings and misdeeds of the dishonest, the dishonorable, and the treasonous. They (our media) do headstands to ignore stories of any substance, and throw out ridiculous distractions (like the sip of water) knowing how uneducated, uninformed, and worst of all how disinterested most Americans are. A generation of minorities has become enslaved to the handouts of their new masters – 500 power and money hungry narcissists in Washington, D.C., who control the new majority of blacks, Hispanics, and illegal aliens with meaningless handouts that keep them hungry enough to want more and angry enough to show up to vote. Their present needs and wants triumph their children’s future needs, they triumph right and wrong, they triumph common sense, and stand above the needs of a flourishing society (ie, a debt free society). One day it will be known that Barack was a well laid out plan by radicals who infiltrated the media, infiltrated the government, and understood how understood how easy it would be to enslave the black culture, if they only had patience. But today the headline will remain was “Rubio’s sip of water a ‘career ender'”?

  3. shutupnsing says:

    Nicely said! I’d say you have your finger on it Mr. Tom!

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