The Real Darkness on the Edge of Town!

You want to stifle the Republic in blood. How long must the footsteps of freedom be gravestones? Tyranny is afoot; she has torn her veil, she carries her head high, she treads over our dead bodies. ~ Arthur Koestler, Darkness at Noon

As I sat checking my email the other morning I could hear the TV in the other room updating my wife on the life of one bulging Kim Kardashian. Next up was the riveting courtroom drama of the “Blade Runner” murder trial followed by local versions of the same mind-numbing tabloid garbage…garbage fed to us with the clear intent of taking our eyes off of the balls that really matter.

Question– What will affect the well-being of your family and mine more…A South African double amputee who allegedly used a gun to murder his wife, or the fact that our own government is dramatically overstepping its constitutional authority to disarm law-abiding citizens here at home?

Question- What will have the most tragic consequences to our own families…The daily update and final moments of the Kardashian pregnancy, or the final moments of the greatest and most tragically corrupt, massive government debt bubble the world has ever known?

Only a generation ago, you and I enjoyed a significantly greater control over our day to day lives. Two generations ago, local control was an even greater power that we had the ability to influence…because WE were the ones who put it in to power to begin with! Back when my 4th Great Grandfather, Andrew Murray served under General George Washington, our local world was the only world that mattered! And because of the awesome power that free men exercising their inalienable rights were able to harness, WE defeated the global beast of its day, the British Empire!

Since that blessed day, we have been incrementally surrendering our sovereignty to the very same global beast…only now the beast is much bigger, and we are tragically much smaller and weaker. We have brought this on ourselves over the years in a multitude of ways, not the least of which was relegating the education of our children to the enemy within. The devastating consequence of this one fact was the complete elimination of the most basic understanding and appreciation for our nation’s First Principles by all subsequent generations of Americans…as the shadow of the beast grew in proportion!

What began as a shift from the local retailer to the regional mall and spread from the local hardware store to the national Home Depot (while we considered only the “what’s in it for me” benefit of lower prices) slowly became the transition from the quality and control of local medicine to the devastating power sucking tentacles of Obamacare…the 2,700 page death knell to individual liberty and freedom!

There is one important element left out of this otherwise excellent article exposing the beast we have fed so generously, albeit mindlessly. What has the God that we have just as incrementally turned away from got to say about all of this? Because his will, our will to turn back to him and the rather slender thread of our 2nd Amendment Rights are all we have between us and a very, very hungry and desperately powerful beast!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to The Real Darkness on the Edge of Town!

  1. Why Do We Need Guns Anyway says:

    Chip, My Friend…Unfortunately the Constitution and the Bill of Rights have become mere footnotes in history instead of the pillars that hold up the Republic. The founders must be crying in Heaven.

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