Two Brothers & Our 2nd Amendment Right!

We are all brothers in search of the Truth. It’s what we do with it after we find it that separates us!

The first brother is Virtue. He recognizes Truth as the key to human liberty and freedom. He endeavors to share it with every living person for the sole purpose and intention of their liberation (Remember Dr.Carson’s amazing WH Prayer Breakfast Speech and his comments on Education and the liberating power of knowledge!). The ONLY self-serving aspect of his action lies in the comfort of creating a better world for his children.

The second brother is Vice. He recognizes Truth as the opportunity to control the human liberty and freedom of those unfit to manage their own destiny…and who would otherwise endanger the welfare and safety of the Collective Interest! He endeavors to keep it, redefine it as a threat to the Collective Interest, and covet its inherent value for the benefit of the like-minded elite few.



Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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