Is This What the 99% Signed on For?

What you are about to see will be the opposite of what you expect if you signed on for the benevolence of Obama’s fundamental transformation and redistribution scheme. It will be no surprise at all if you have been paying attention to his actions rather than his words. But it will make everyone of you angry enough to spit…and hopefully more!

I might suggest getting even is always better than getting mad!

Please take the next 6 minutes to watch this amazing video. I will posit my response and invite you to leave your comments as well.

Wealth Inequality in America

How many tyrants must we suffer before we learn? In every single case history, they con the masses (little guys) by convincing them to turn over their power to them so they can bring the “1%” (big guys) to justice and level the playing field?

Meanwhile, they turn around and buy off the big guys placing them in positions of power and prestige…while the little guys get smaller and smaller…until one day they wake up to realize that not only have they lost their wealth but they have given up their freedom as well! The video you just watched can be summed up in two words, crony capitalism!

The reality is that every country has a “Braveheart Moment” when they are offered the choice between slavery and freedom. We had ours this past November and the rest is history…unfortunately, our business titans did not have the heart of William Wallace!

Slaves are made in such ways!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to Is This What the 99% Signed on For?

  1. faman says:

    Ok, I usually do not engage in political soapboxisms, however, the video started my day off on a depressing note which promptly turned to anger and frustration. So many people still are going off about who was chosen as president. What matters more is congress’ support or lack of support for the person in charge. If you want change, you need to clean house completely, and that includes the senate. Change needs to start on the local party levels and continue on up through the ranks. If the parties keep putting up people who represent their ideals rather than the needs of the majority, nothing will change regardless of who is in charge. How about electing someone like Kristina Cogan, who turned down a raise to keep her social services benefits (link below). Shouldn’t our representation include those such as small farm owners, blue collar workers, middle class white collar office workers, professionals and, yes, some extremely wealthy to allow a fair representation of all? Electing people who have already experienced salary cuts or layoffs, who would appreciate 50,000 a year and wouldn’t miss the other half+ that our current law makers don’t want to see reduced, would save millions every year. Our whole system needs change (political, medical, social services, etc.), and that change needs to take place with the masses taking back their power, starting on the local level and working up.

    • shutupnsing says:

      I could not agree more. Unfortunately our present “system” has devolved to a place that is nearly impossible for the people of integrity & character such as you describe, to access. That is because those on the right side of the graph now control the “game”.

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