He Who Can Make Us Laugh…

…can make us listen! And He who can make us listen can save the world!

In a truly upside-down world statesmen become comedians and comedians become statesman. Such is truly the case with Italian comedian-turned-statesmen Beppe Grillo, whose political party has staked its claim on the future of Italy…the people are listening! http://news.yahoo.com/grillos-party-tell-italy-president-lead-government-212917064.html

Bear in mind that the 11 minute video you are about to watch (strong language warning) was recorded in 1998 when one of Grillo’s “Four Horsemen” was Alan Greenspan. All I can say is that whatever Greenspan was riding, Bernanke now has a solid grip on the reigns of the Hambletonian from Hell!

In the fifteen years since he made the video you are about to watch, we have only made the monster stronger…while we have all but dissolved the very fabric that was once a strong and vibrant society. Every shiny smile beaming like a hollow laser through your cable feed has been bought and paid for by the very machine that Beppe exposed in 1998!

People are listening! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyCpidT53nY&feature=player_embedded#! Thanks to ZeroHedge!!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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