The Broken Heart of the World

We are two lovers in a broken world suffering its own broken heart. In order for us to be made whole again, we must each be free to be who we are. If you must give up you to complete me, then you are left with the pain of emptiness and I have won only the illusion of wholeness. In this way, we move away from healing to a deeper break and more dangerous state of relationship…where false prophets and phony friends make hay!


The darkest energy of hard tyranny in our break lies in your violation of my freedom by giving me three options:

All who would teach such madness are false prophets and followers of the same!


The softer tyranny in our break is far more subtle and therefore more dangerous in that it requires me to deny my own God by accepting an expression of your heart that contradicts my own. We are each free to follow our hearts in loving who we choose to love…until it forces any heart beyond the boundary of conscience. What true love would do that? All who would play ally to one to the detriment of the other are phony friends seeking their own political gain.


It takes incredible courage to objectively face a truth that threatens our greatest desires… especially when every force but the force of nature is promoting the cause of our desires! But what gain can there possibly be in the illusion of wholeness? The violation in hard tyranny is much clearer than that of the softer kind, but both lead us away from the healing of civil union to the pain and despair of civil unrest!

Only when we can shake off the earthly illusions to realize our hearts were not meant to be broken so; that you and I were meant to be whole; and that we can only truly and freely love when we are truly free to love…then and ONLY then, will we heal the heart of this world! Wide Awake (Please listen with the ears of your heart)

Chip Murray: Wide Awake


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2 Responses to The Broken Heart of the World

  1. Bill Banuchi says:

    Healing of the heart can only come from God who created the heart with, as St Augustine taught, with a God-shaped vacuum that only He can fill.

    • shutupnsing says:

      I felt His healing hand in the company of our Jewish friends the other night as we sat in Minyan when the Rabbi lead us in the Song of David- Psalms 23:1-6! It was amazing…

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