The Pirates of the New World Order

“Freedom without virtue! Leadership without morality! Business without trust!” ~ A Free People’s Suicide by Os Guinness

Insanity is a destination reached through the unseen steps of incremental thieves and pirates who come in the night. No one leaps there by design, but those who let their guards down simply wake up there one day…and you thought they were only stealing our money! Think again…

Our world is awash with yellow crime scene tape that has been spreading in size and frequency from the 2008 Lehman Bros-sparked collapse to MF Global and now Cyprus! The first heist ($800 Billion) was quarterbacked by Goldman Sachs Mobster turned Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. The second heist ($1.6 Billion) was quarterbacked by Goldman Sachs Mobster turned Senator turned Governor turned MF CEO Jon Corzine. These were apparently child’s play trial balloons paving the way to a heist by the Pirates of a New World Order that dwarfs all others and can’t or won’t be quantified because of the lawlessness at its core!

The quote from Os Guinness has been playing over and over in my mind as the unfolding events of global financial chicanery are playing out in the most tragically devastating way! “What connects these banking buccaneers to each other?” I wondered. And then it struck me…it’s not about the glue that connects them to each other. It’s about the glue that holds societies together and has provided us with over 200 years of financial stability. We are the only nation on the planet that has the same government it started with because of a glue that contained the three ingredients of virtue, morality and trust…which we have since collectively discarded. Our Republic is DEAD! Rule of Law no longer exists. It is now Law of the Jungle! Your Cable TV Screen is a completely censored LIE, written and produced by the Pirates…paid for by YOU!

You would never suspect any of this at all if you had only Brian Williams and the talking heads at Squawk Box & Morning Joe to listen to because…THEY WORK FOR THE PIRATES! And the Stepford Wife Zombies who follow their seductive musak-mind swill dutifully wisk through the supermarket aisles of their day-to-day regurgitating the counterfeit optimism of our Obama-led economic turnaround…on the solid foundation of a “housing recovery and stock market boom”? Really?

I met a wonderful gentleman at a meeting in Brewster, NY last night who shared with me that he had considered running for mayor of the small town in Connecticut where he and his family lived…until he realized it would cost him his soul to do so. “If that level of corruption exists in my small town, what kind of hell must it be in big city politics!” he told me. “Yes.” I responded, “It is all pay to play!” Interestingly, we were gathered there together to hear the words of a Bishop who has been exiled from Rome…for not playing!

There is one hell of a storm coming! The internet is your weather alert system. And the worst reality of it is this. From Chicago to New York and from Washington to Brussels…and now to Rome, the Pirates have not only gutted the financial infrastructure of our world…they have gutted the spiritual infrastructure as well! Rome has been sacked! There is no way to tell you how to prepare for the magnitude of what is coming, other than to implore you to discern Truth from fiction. You must find the courage to separate Truth from what you wish to be so, and Man-up…as the good Bishop said! There is still time to make this right…


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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