Where’s the Love?

All the brave young men fall like rain in the Spring..

..from the lies of our fathers and the wars that they bring.

All the tears in this world fill the valleys below…

..to the sky up above, where’s the love…~ From the song Help by C. Murray

Dave, a fellow blogger-friend of mine wrote in response to my University of Radicalism piece yesterday that when his son was 14 he sat him down and told him that once he graduated high school, they were going to “break his dinner plate” and he would no longer be able to live in his house!

Pamela Geller was recently uninvited to speak at a synagogue in Great Neck on Long Island which came under pressure from an “interfaith” coalition of Muslims, Jews & Christians…their charge? “Pamela Geller is guilty of hate speech.” (You must watch the David Cook link below!!)

What do David and Pamela have in common? They are both guilty of practicing True Love! Dave’s son is now a productive member of society as an employer and creator of jobs in his own company. And the 13 young men and women who were “savagely” murdered in Fort Hood, Texas would be alive today had someone in Maj. Nidal Hasan’s chain of command listened to Pamela Geller’s “hate speech”!

True love, as the song says, hurts! I don’t have to ask Dave how painfully difficult it was to speak those words to his 14-year-old son. I don’t have to wonder how heavy a price Pamela Geller pays for standing up…for LOVE! I Know…God help me, I KNOW! The question is how many of us are willing to wade through the river of blood and rising body counts that are a direct result of our choosing the easy way out, over the painful way of life and True love? The way of life is the way of Love!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the most liberal-minded Supreme Court Justice, just admitted that “We moved too far, too fast.” on Roe v. Wade…55,000,000 murders late AND COUNTING! Where’s the LOVE?

Do you want to know where True Love is? True Love is the Princess of Life being held prisoner in a deep dark dungeon by her evil twin who decrees NICE, the counterfeit cousin of True Love to Lord over the inhabitants of the kingdom…by all means necessary! This leads us to the other thing that Dave and Pamela have in common. They are not being very NICE now are they? And LORD knows, we can’t have people who don’t know how to be NICE, speak to the other people in the kingdom now can we?

The simple fact that distinguishes NICE from True Love is that True Love requires self-sacrifice and NICE demands the sacrifice of others! NICE parents do not have a problem placing their children’s minds under the tender loving care of Professor Melissa Harris-Perry because she is so NICE! True Loving Parents would sooner stick a steak knife in their ear! But then again, this is why there are so many more NICE people in the world today. It’s so much easier! This is how the Minions of NICE are able to stand along side the Remnant of True Love at the brink of Nuclear War, the edge of Financial Collapse, breathing the stench of the multi-billion dollar child porn-trafficking industry while taking comfort in a record high stock market…while the Princess of True Love smiles softly knowing she alone possesses the one true key safe within her heart…placed there for safe-keeping by the best-selling author and undisputed authority on True Love…

“Narrow is the gate and few there are who find it. And wide is the way that leads to destruction, and many there are who follow it.” ~ Jesus Christ

HELP… …is on the way!!



Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to Where’s the Love?

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  2. ◄Dave► says:

    Thanks, Chip. You are right, of course. Tough love is much tougher on the giver than the recipient. It was also infinitely harder to convince his mother that I knew what I was doing, than him. 😉

    Thanks for the trip to Pamela’s site again. I have been a devoted fan of hers since ’07. David Wood’s video was beyond awesome! ◄Dave►

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