The Universities of Radicalism & “Collective” Professors!

Radicalism~ A Progressive Liberal Ideology (Wikipedia)

“Collectivism is the hot looking but mentally unstable bombshell blonde making promises of excitement and long term comfort she has no intention of keeping.  She is so seductive not because she has any profound inner qualities, but because she has a knack for letting you believe she is exactly what you fantasize her to be.  Only when it’s too late do you realize she’s a psychopathic pill popping man-eater…” ~ Brandon Smith

It’s that time of year again where families all across America are making their collective decisions on which giant dollar-sucking university they will attach to their bank accounts, life savings, mortgages and anything else of human value as they prepare to send another loved one through the biggest transformational door on planet earth!

For us it is a choice between Brown, Brandeis, Boston University, Binghamton and “wait list” at Harvard and Princeton. Sam is THRILLED, his mother is BEAMING, and I am TERRIFIED…and it has very little to do with dollars and cents it will cost us…and way more about wisdom and sense it will cost him! What makes our situation somewhat unique is that they are Liberals of the “Social Justice” persuasion and I am a Conservative trying desperately to save my country from the consequences of the “Justice” they’ve invited on the rest of us!

If Collectivism is the “perfect tool of the Oligarchy” as Smith suggests, then Social Justice is the perfect tool of Collectivism! And it is the very bible of every radical college professor in America today…from sea to shining sea! But just as you prep food for the grill, they have been prepping our children for the Chefs Melissa “Your Children are ours” Harris-Perry and Ward Churchill’s of the world (For the low-information voters among you…Ward Churchill was the Colorado college professor who referred to the 3,000 Americans slaughtered on 9/11 as “Little Eichmanns”) for quite some time!

When the kids were 4 & 6, I watched a video of them acting out a play about Rosa Parks for 1st grade teacher Suzi Rosenbloom, subtly embedding the “evil white man” memory chip in their vulnerably receptive little brains. When Sam was 9, he asked me why I was a Republican. I had just picked him up from school and could see his inquisitive little face in the rear view mirror as I gave him my answer and then asked him why he asked. “Because my teacher told me that Republicans only care about the rich corporations.” he replied. And just last year as we sat out a storm by candle light playing board games, the  now 17-year-old # 2 student of his senior high school class actually said to me, “The purpose of the US Constitution was to make government bigger.” Yes…I AM TERRIFIED!

  • This is how tax-cheats who happen to run the Treasury and chair the powerful congressional committee that oversees the tax code the rest of us must follow, keep their jobs!
  • This is how constitutionally ineligible radical professors become President!
  • This is how lying perverts are invited to run for Mayor of New York while honorable neurosurgeons are scorned by THE STUDENTS of Johns Hopkins for defending morality!
  • This is how Jewish students at Harvard find eviction notices in their dorm rooms and bestiality in their classrooms!
  • This is how man & woman have become insignificant to Marriage & Family!
  • This is how our TV’s beam sexual innuendo into our homes 24/7!
  • This is how a mass murderer who beheads infants & puts their feet in jars goes UNREPORTED!
  • This is how the AAA USA became a debt-ridden Junk Bond on its death bed!
  • This is how an entire nation has transformed “Trust in God”…to superstition!

Note: Sam’s major will be bio-tech. Monsanto is the perfect example of the unintended consequence of education without morality…at a price that every form of life on this planet will now be forced to pay.

I mentioned a week or so ago that I’ve joined a writer’s guild. One of the writers is a wonderfully talented writer who writes vampires

It occurred to me last night sitting in a movie theater with my wife watching the very disturbing new movie, The Place Beyond the Pines, that the Collective is a Vampire that literally sucks the heart and soul out of the societies it seduces. There wasn’t a single solitary person in this entire movie that wasn’t dead on their feet!

So yes…I am terrified! I am terrified at the thought of what they will do to one of the brightest and most wonderfully gifted young men I have ever known. Will it be a total frontal lobotomy as they did to his Bar Mitzvah cousin who came home after his four years, with no mind of his own…convinced that the Jews were NEVER in Egypt?  

If the Collective is as I say, a Vampire Crime Scene…then Brandon Smith is the Jason Gehlert/Sherlock Holmes you absolutely must read…if we are ever to solve the crime and save the very souls of the next generation!

…and there’s still time to read Stolen Honor, Stolen Innocence by Judith Reisman, PhD to find out how they stole it…and The 5,000 Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen to learn the 26 steps to take it back…with God’s help of course…before you send them off to college!

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3 Responses to The Universities of Radicalism & “Collective” Professors!

  1. Why Do We Need Guns Anyway says:

    There was a time when a Liberal Education meant teaching how to think critically, not teaching what to think. Scary indeed.

    • shutupnsing says:

      Being a true independent-minded critical thinking student in this environment is not so different from the experience our dogs have when they attempt to roam beyond the invisible fence…much easier, less painful and far more rewarding to stay within certain boundaries!

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