The Betrayal of America & Our Culture of Death

baby-bOur news media has glommed onto a phrase the American Left has come to LOVE! In fact it is their battle cry, “The Republican War on Women!” Planned Parenthood is the sponsor of the horror you see in the photo to the left! And while the President of the United States of America stood on the stage to honor them, the images of another Gosnell victim frantically thrashing for its life in a toilet bowl is painfully seared into the minds of a public he swore to defend and protect!

This is the exact moral equivalent of FDR paying tribute and actually invoking God’s blessing on the Nazi butcher, Dr. Josef Mengele!

Who is this…what is this creature in our White House who we honor with the words Mr. President? We are betrayed on so many levels, I don’t know where to begin? What could be more innocent and precious than God’s greatest gift to us and we respond by allowing and SPONSORING THIS! …While he showers them with accolades and attacks their detractors…those of us who stand in prayer vigils with broken hearts!

We are being destroyed from within and without by the very enemies our President has aligned himself with! From within, it is our own violation as a society of the very sanctity of Life itself…WE are choosing much more than the deaths of the Baby B’s (55 MILLION +); we our choosing our own death! From without, we are “being disarmed”, to use the words of Pamela Geller in an amazingly powerful speech linked below…and forced to bow to the sword of Islam!

How many more of our own sons and daughters already born must we sacrifice to SAVAGES before we shake loose of our own denial? How many more 9/11’s, Fort Hoods, Benghazi’s and Boston Jihads will it take before we summon the courage to finally stop asking the question we already know the answer to? Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder must be prosecuted for treason, pure and simple! Only the most self-loathing of people would allow these criminals to go un-prosecuted! They must answer for their crimes or there is no rule of law…there is  only rule by the powerful and lawless few!

When I watched Pamela Geller debate another woman…a Muslim representative of CAIR, she ended the most impressive debate, a debate in which she fully exposed the intellectual dishonesty of her opponent, with these words “I am fighting for LIFE!”!

If only, we had leaders with one ounce of her integrity and a ton of her COURAGE!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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