When the Going Gets Tough

“I think he wants people to snap.”~ Rush Limbaugh referring to the Obama modus operandi

I walked by the TV yesterday morning just in time to catch Conservative Imposter Joe Scarborough tell his viewers that the terrorists were encouraging other terrorists to come to the USA because we don’t have “background checks”! By the time my mind processed the pretzel logic required to twist the fact that all this carnage occurred in a state with the strictest of gun laws by Jihadists with illegally obtained guns into an argument for background checks, my wife had already turned to Al Roker interviewing the Judges from The Voice…and I thought to myself oblivion has its rewards! Aurora, Tucson and Newtown were about mental illness and they are making it about guns! Boston was about Jihad and Joe is twisting it into “background checks”? So this is the rather depressing and frustrating picture of the whacko statist elites we’re up against. Let’s take a moment to review the condition of our own troops shall we?

I spoke to a very close friend who has been to two of the big Washington Tea Party events with me the other day. He told me that he has essentially disengaged. It made me think back to a gentleman I was introduced to years ago who had fought liberalism as a professor at the University of Michigan (which would be akin to fighting Nazism in Berlin in 1941!) until they wore him down…and out!

Writing to get another liberty-minded friend’s opinion about a NY Liberty group, this was his response: Cool stuff, but I try to stay away from any web group that is talking about sovereignty and common law.  Gubmints watching those groups and I don’t want to be labeled an extremist, conservative, right wing hate monger. 🙂

And who could blame them? We are up against an evil that is so overwhelmingly entrenched and well funded…hell, we’re paying the bill! I know I myself have hit the wall on more than one occasion. I’m not sure what it is inside of me that just will not let me stay down, but I know that I trust it more than anything I’ve ever trusted in my life.

I remember back before Beck left Fox, he was always asking, “Where is our next George Washington? I’m thinking, “Why does that matter when we know where our next King George is”? The first step to winning a fight is realizing you’re in one! In the epic war between Statism and Individualism, You and I are the Individuals in the equation! If Washington shows up, that would be super fine. Until then it’s you and me baby! 🙂

The second step is commitment! This is why I know these “lead from behind” jackals can be beat! They’ve  betrayed America by violating rule # 2 in telling the enemy we were not committed! The third step is to know all we need to know about our enemy! Here is all we need to know: They are immoral, they are ruthless, they are savages and they lie a lot! (And I’m talking about those headquartered in Mecca & Washington!) What do we know about the Saudi National Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, the section 212 3B “watch list” terrorist who was detained during the Boston bombing, deported and then not deported? NOTHING! What do we need to know? EVERYTHING!

Nobody knows this enemy better than Pamela Geller! http://www.wnd.com/2013/04/jihad-is-in-america/

Watch this quick video which literally captures who we’ve become in the Liberal State! http://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2013/04/21/willkommen-an-die-neuen-amerika/

They keep testing us and we keep failing the test! We have the intelligence to see where this is leading. Look at the photos of Martin Richard and then look into the eyes of the children who depend on you. Now try to look me in the eye and tell me its acceptable!

“We are always complaining that our days are few, and acting as though there would be no end to them.”

— Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Philosopher

Note- The latest issue of Whistleblower is a MUST! www.wnd.com Because, when the going gets tough…

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