One, Two, Three…Like Taking Candy from a Baby!

One, two, three.
That’s how elementary it’s gonna be.
Just fine and dandy.
It’s easy.
Like taking candy from a baby. ~
Al Stewart

The greatest tragic and most deadly misperception of all time is owned by none other than the American Public. And that is the general belief that government policy has been the reactionary response to natural socio-economic and political catastrophe! When in fact, all of the relevant catastrophes were created by men as the means to an end…and the beginning of a very specific “Agenda”!

Step One~

Steal the Money “Redistribution”

Negative Amortization Mortgages” were only one of their many tools designed to bring about their intended consequence: The greatest financial market collapse in American history…and NOBODY went to jail for it! The net result? The greatest transfer of wealth in American history, from the pockets of the American taxpayer directly into the pockets of the New World Elite Cadre of Big Bankers, Politicians & Corporate Cronies!

The Ultimate Insult to Injury~ The Cadre aided by Geithner and Bernanke continue the pillaging on steroids today! (Read Matt Taibbi’s Everything is Rigged!)

Step Two~

               Turn America Upside-Down “Fundamental Transformation”

  • Demonize and persecute traditional values. Appease, enable & protect savagery!
  • Jason Collins is lauded for courage in professing his immorality, while the 4 Americans who sacrificed their own lives to save 33 others are ignored…and the 33 they saved are threatened by the same government that was supposed to protect them!
  • Dr. Ben Carson & Rev. Kevin Johnson are turned away from Jons Hopkins & Morehouse for speaking their minds, while convicted cop-killer/radical terrorist Kathy Boudin is welcomed as a professor to teach our kids at Columbia!
  • “You didn’t build that! Someone else made that happen!”– Barack Obama
  • “Your children are our children.”– Melissa Harris-Perry

This is the most amazing and courageous response to the “Upside-Downers” I have ever seen!

Step Three~

                                   Confiscate the Guns “Game Over!”

If, as most experts agree, none of these new “gun control” measures would have prevented any of the recent mass shootings…WHY pass them in the first place? What is the RUSH? NY violated its own constitutional 3 day rule and failed to exempt its own police in the process! The most powerful speech in defense of our 2nd Amendment I have ever heard!

Agenda 21 is one of the many evil offspring of the United Nations. Born during the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 which was attended by 193 countries, it was signed by Bush Sr., but never ratified by Congress. Clinton adopted Agenda 21 by executive order. Obama has expanded its nefarious power! Hiding behind the universally desirable pretext of “Social Responsibility”, “Sustainable Community” and “Smart Growth”, Agenda 21 masks its primary agenda of destroying local sovereignty in favor of central authority, subordinating our own Constitutional Rights to the “greater good” of the Collective!

The same Global Evil that wrote, directed and produced Steps One, Two & Three above spawned Agenda 21! Make no mistake; this is the final death knell of Individualism, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as we have been blessed to know it! As easy as One, Two, Three…Like taking candy from a baby!

NOT SO FAST! Here’s what they’re missing. The game is over in Europe! They are done! They are toast! Their choice? Sovereignty or Starvation! Cyprus WAS the template!

For the past 4 ½  years, America has been like the little brother in A Christmas Story who is constantly picked on by school-yard bully day after day after live-long day…until one day he’s had enough and he finally releases all of the pent-up emotional whup-ass he’s been storing up! POW! As much as the Upside-Downers fantasize us as Europeans…we ain’t! It’s not in our DNA, never has been and never will be. You see, once you taste the fresh air of American Liberty…even though it has grown PROGRESSIVELY stale of late, you can never submit to life without it! Trust me!

So I will be eagerly anticipating your arrival at door #3 monsignors Obama, Cuomo and Bloomberg! Molon Labe! 🙂

                                                           Action Plan

In the meantime, if you are reading these words anywhere in these United States, Agenda 21 is already being injected into your community like an incrementally slow-acting drug intended to paralyze the victim and render it completely dependent! All of a sudden out of thin air, everything must be GREEN…GREEN will show up on your utility bills! Chambers will hold GREEN Industry events! Until soon you begin to realize you must be MEAN if you ain’t GREEN! It used to be extremely difficult to find GRANT money when there was money. Now that there is no money and governments are broke, GRANT money is everywhere…with Agenda 21 strings attached to it in fine print and invisible ink! And all of this based on the greatest hoax in human history, GLOBAL WARMING…they’ve even had to change the name!

The very best thing you can do in your community to stop Agenda 21 in its tracks is to help EDUCATE. The NY Liberty Coalition has trained regional directors who are speaking to CountyExecutives, Town Supervisors and Village Mayors. They are also reaching out to the Farming Community as well since these tend to be the largest land owners. If you live in the Mid-Hudson area and you are interested in helping to set up one of these meetings, please contact the Mid-Hudson Liberty Coalition Regional Director Lynn Teger at 845-709-0929! And if you live elsewhere, just do some research to find the Liberty group in your area or just call Lynn who may be able to direct you. It’s as easy as One, Two, Three…like giving CPR to our babies! 

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to One, Two, Three…Like Taking Candy from a Baby!

  1. shutupnsing says:

    PS~ For those of you suffering the delusion that gun confiscation is a conservative paranoia~
    So, if you’ve taken prozac…or perhaps have had a DUI or some other traffic infraction…

  2. Martin Burnett says:

    Is this not frightening or what, that our country and culture can be stolen and/or transformed before our very eyes with almost no sense of danger?

    Sent from my iPad

    • shutupnsing says:

      What I find most interesting and troubling Marty is that you can spend an entire day on “Conservative” talk radio and not hear a peep about Agenda 21…not a blessed word!

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