Sharia Creep 101

“I don’t care if you worship a stone! Just don’t stone me with it!”~ Pamela Geller

Welcome to Sharia Creep 101! This Politically Incorrect Class was designed to save your life! Please pay attention because there will be a quiz at the end!

The other day, I wrote about the deceptive nature of imposing something as un-American as UN Agenda 21 on us by disguising it’s intention with words like “socially responsible”, “sustainable” and “smart growth”. Well, it seems that the Makers of Mohammed went to the same School of Deception to come up with terms like “multiculturalism” and “honor-killing”! Like when I hear the word multiculturalism man, I can like just hear those wonderful kids-from-Glee’s auto-tuned harmonies lifting our spirits with, I’d like to teach the world to sing…man! But then I see all of Europe’s political, business and community leaders screaming from their parliamentary rooftops that MC, just as PC, is nothing short of an aggressive cancer that is rotting the very fabric of their societies from within! And like, yeah man…I guess if ya gotta kill somebody…honor is as good a reason as any…right?

There is a story linked below that reads like a story you might expect from a suburb of Mecca, or along the Barbary Coast somewhere…but it actually happened in Texas of all places. This blows my mind beyond words because I lived in Texas in the 70’s and the Texans I knew wouldn’t abide this kind of nonsense in a million years…but that was BEFORE Political-Correctness came along! 😦

An honor killing, or honour killing[1] is the homicide of a member of a family or social group by other members, due to the belief of the perpetrators that the victim has brought dishonor upon the family or community. ~ Wikipedia

Furthermore, in a wonderful world ruled by Sharia Law (say, I wonder if Glee would be as big a hit in Arabia?), it is perfectly acceptable. In fact, it is the duty of a good Muslim! So sayeth Mohammed! And so learneth young Amina & Sarah Said who were honorably killed by their father. Kind of takes the idea of tough love to a whole new dimension, does it not? Where are those Glee singers now?

But hold the horses and stop the presses! This happened in Texas…in the United States of America where we have our own laws provided by our Constitution. Shouldn’t Amina & Sarah have been protected by our Constitution…and isn’t their father subject to the laws provided by our Constitution like every other American? Hmmm…I am fighting my uncontrollable Islamophobic question #1~ Are Muslim-Americans subject to Sharia Law or our Constitution here in America? Because, as you’ll read in the American Thinker piece, the even more disturbing aspect of this story is what happened to the young journalists who attempted to cover the story…right here…on American soil!

And what’s even creepier…is the fact that Sharia is popping up everywhere in the country. A NJ hospital sued for not providing Shariafied Food to a Muslim patient (Summit Medical Center). A Philly Muslim exonerated for beating the Shiite out of a man for mocking The Prophet. And I think in Michigan now, you can get arrested for just saying the word “Constitution”…and beheaded for saying, “Praise Jesus” in a room full of Muslims. By the way, the last 2 were my attempt at a little Caliphate Comedy, but in all seriousness, the Obama Administration has just authorized Court Marshall for active duty enlisted Christians who “express their faith”! 😦

Sharia IQ Quiz Question # 1~

What is the name of the “religious” law observed by 2.1 billion people worldwide which actually calls for female mutilation, necessitating the relief effort known as “Clitoraid”?

Answer~ Sharia Law

Sharia IQ Quiz Question # 2 (2 part) ~

What do we call a man or woman living in a country where Sharia is the law of the land who decides to leave Islam to practice another Faith?

Answer~ 1-Political Prisoner. 2-Dead!

Thank God, we have more sense than to allow such barbarism here in the land of the free and home of the brave, eh my fellow Americans? I mean, could you imagine here of all places?

Sharia IQ Quiz Question # 3~

What kind of American would tolerate this kind of savagery?


Those Americans who don’t know about the Sharia Index!

Sharia Index~ The measurement of Islam’s Affect, relative to Muslim population %.

Muslim Population <2% = “peace loving minority” (US .6%)

Muslim Population 2-5% = “they begin to proselytize” (UK 2.7%)

Muslim Population >5% = “inordinate influence” (France 8%)

Muslim Population 10% = “increased lawlessness” (Kenya 10%)

Muslim Population > 50% = “Theocratic Tyranny” (Saudi Arabia 99.9%)

Islam is by a country mile, the hands down favorite, all time GRAND PRIZE winner of the prestigious, The Grand Poobah PlutoniumBeneficiary of Political CorrectnessAward!

By the way, Al Jazeera , the broadcasting arm of Jihad…the Tokyo Rose & Josef Goebbels of the Caliphate & the Muslim Brotherhood will now be beaming its “peaceful loving” directly into your homes…thanks to Al Gore who’s $100 Million richer for it!

I’m confused. Doesn’t it take at least two “faiths” to engage in “interfaith dialogue”? Who, besides 2.1 billion political prisoners, actually believes that Islam is a “Faith”?


Oh yeah, my uncontrollable Islamophobic question # 2~ When the Black Flag is flying over the White House, will this mean that Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi will all have to wear Burkas? Because I could rethink my whole resistance thing! 🙂 …I mean I understand Maxine Waters will have to be taken off the menu and everything. Just feeling the need to prepare…

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