The Liver-Lathering Blather of Rather!

“Obama’s Opponents ‘Want to Cut His Heart Out and Throw His Liver to the Dogs” ~ Dan Rather, former “MSM” news anchor

This guy was the face of so called journalism in America from 1981 to 2005! Well in the rear view mirror, it appears the “That’s part of our world tonight.” was imparted to us by a questionable source at best, and a thoroughly untrustworthy character with the hidden agenda of a darker purpose at the very worst…His liver…to the dogs? Whew!

This is a good week for American Patriots who have endured the past 1,587 days of watching the heart of America betrayed by the likes of Rather & Co., who’ve made careers out of slandering virtue in the name of News! Interesting timing wouldn’t you say? The Obama & Hillary Benghazi Lie Pie will finally come out of the Capitol Hill Oven tomorrow…and the sweet aroma of imPEACH is already wafting over the Beltway! Anyone and everyone with a radio, TV or computer now knows that Obama and his liver crawled into bed on the night of September 12th 2012, knowing that Americans were being attacked on American soil, did nothing, ordered others to do nothing…and then woke up and lied about it to the American People! …as Rather insinuates to Matthews that Obama is in this mess because of us! Gosh, if only we had been more accepting of poor Barack, Chris Stevens and four others might still be alive today!

Hey, what’s the frequency Danneth? On the same day I read of Rather’s Liver Lather, I came across this wonderful quote from one of my favorite American Patriots, Thomas Paine which I’ve added below. It kind of brought everything into perspective for me at this time and place of our American experience. The Liberal Lie is in its own death spasm…like the gazelle on the Serengeti about to feel the lion’s fang and claw! The weakest Truth will always conquer the strongest lie…it is only ever a matter of time. This is the knowledge that makes Paine’s smile possible. All we’ve ever needed to do is to continue to be faithful to ourselves and our enemies will destroy themselves eventually…and inevitably. I have never been more proud of the American Conservative movement. Keep a hopeful eye on Mr. Cruz!

By the way  Dan…there is a term for people who would consider a pervert for the top government seat in our nation’s largest city, re-elect a President and support a would-be President/Secretary of State who knowingly abandoned 4 Americans to be savagely murdered, and then intentionally lied to cover it all up: Self-loathing!

And as for your assertion above? After all your years covering America, you still don’t have a clue as to who Americans are. While execution is indeed the appropriate medicine for treason, there is no method of execution too grizzly or a scoundrel more deserving. But we love our dogs far too much to feed them crap! 🙂

“I love the man who can smile in trouble, gather strength from distress and grow brave by reflection.”

                                                       ~Thomas Paine, Statesman

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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