The Stewart/Springsteen Sell-Out at the Benghazi Crossroads!

“When they said sit down I stood up!”~ Bruce Springsteen, Growin’ Up

No one can dispute the influence on our society of these two men! What Springsteen can’t accomplish with a song, Stewart can with a laugh! There is no greater factor in who we’ve become and our response to the world around us than these two combined…which in and of itself is pretty pathetic when you stop and think about it!

When I watched the Stewart and Colbert response to Benghazi, I was overcome with a sense of anger and betrayal that peaked. I realized that I knew who these two had allowed themselves to become, but it took Benghazi to finally force them out of the shadows of their stealth and deception.

Around the time of Sandy, I watched a “cool” Stewart-Springsteen interview. There they were hangin’ in Jon’s office, just two American boys discussing life, fortune and fame…with a smattering of their own personal “social justice” commentary. Every aspect of sight, sound, touch and feel was produced and directed to appeal to the ears of the common man and gel with the Left’s artfully crafted “Saviors of the Middle Class” narrative!

We have reached a crossroads in our society that will finally separate the true Americans from the Progressive “ends justify the means” crowd! If you can close your eyes to Benghazi, you have just claimed the latter! Are you ready to explain your position to the families? So what choice are Stewart and Colbert making when they decide to lampoon the search for Truth in the face of the most blatant governmental cover-up in American history? With the “collective” voice of central power demanding they sit down, Stewart, Colbert & Springsteen had a window of opportunity to be true to the spirit of their creation…and stand! Instead, they chose to betray their fans and life itself, surrender to the dark side…and obediently take their seats!

And the real kicker is that we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the horrible truth that lies beneath the deaths of 4 Americans. Were they merely abandoned by their President and the Secretary of State…or something far more sinister? In fact, if one takes the time to dig a little deeper into the pasts of these two, one finds that there isn’t anything they haven’t already done to hold onto power…including killing their own by some accounts. Yes, anything goes when you subscribe to the “ends justify the means” rationale in advancing a “fundamental transformation”…so liberating really. Never mind the wailing cries of those on the very same tracks from another place and time whose desperate fingers poked out from the slats of cattle cars. No, That could never happen here.

At some point even the most Liberal-minded of us must reach a point where they begin to question what they are witnessing. One of hardest things to do in this life is admit when we’re wrong about anything…especially those things we are passionate about. I believe that is so because it is the very painful admission that we are flawed…which is kind of like hauling off and slapping your ego in the face! But then there’s the cutting edge of Truth which always finds a way to pierce even the most stubborn veneer! For most of us, the Reverend Wright story was all we had to know. If a man will lie about his pastor, he will lie about anything. And a man who will lie about anything is a man unfit to govern!

But so many of us stepped over that little hurdle to elect Obama the first time around because who trusts the media…especially Fox News? But we’ve lived with this guy and his speeches for nearly 5 years now! We have lived with a leader for 5 years who is accountable for absolutely nothing! And yet every single one of us who grew up learning the importance of personal accountability, are now following a man who blames those around him for his own failures? What planet am I on? Whose side is he on?

Benghazi changes everything. When a guest on MSNBC utters the word impeachment, beware the changing tide! The Progressive notion that whatever goes up must continue to go up has reached it’s limit and is about to fall back to earth. I’m afraid at this point we will ALL be caught underneath the tragic weight of consequence, but PLEASE don’t get caught ill-prepared!

As for Stewart and Springsteen…who can really know the heart of another? I believe Stewart knows his masters and serves them well to his own end. But I pray for Springsteen who I honestly feel has bought into the same communist “victim” narrative that has guided his mentor Pete Seeger for the better part of a century. I love them both and pray for their awakening…their combined voices could inspire so many to the real Promised Land!

Please feel free to join us in the FOOL-FREE Zone!

Gonna be a twister to blow everything down that ain’t got the faith to stand it’s ground. ~ Bruce Springsteen, The Promised Land

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to The Stewart/Springsteen Sell-Out at the Benghazi Crossroads!

  1. The Benghazi 4 were attacked with the very weapons that were intended for Al Qaeda use in Syria. Just think of the attack as a “trial use”– they wanted to make sure the hardware being turned over to them actually worked. A CIA operation gone HORRIBLY WRONG. Thus the cover-up scheme was hatched by Hillary herself.

  2. Moe C. Howard says:

    Gave up on Springsteen as a phony a long time ago… don’t know if it was the jungle boots during the anti-nuke stuff or some other fake poser crap. Jon Leibowitz I never trusted from the get-go – back in his MTV days.

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