M.A.P.~Mothers Against Progressives ~Join Today!

So a Rabbi, a Mad Mom and a Deacon walk into a radio show…

Rabbi Joseph Potasnik and Deacon Kevin McCormack host a Sunday morning talk show on WABC called Religion on the Line. I happened to tune in on my way to Jean Claude’s to pick up fresh ingredients for the Mother’s Day Brunch I was preparing for my wife.

The Mad Mom was actually a member of a group called Moms Demand Actionhttp://www.whas11.com/community/blogs/political-blog/Moms-group-partners-with-progressive-Democrats-blasting-McConnell-on-gun-control-206331621.html

You know your dealing with “low-information” folks when you read, “group partners with PROGRESSIVE Democrats”! Kind of like reading “Boy Scouts partner with NAMBLA”! Whew…Welcome to Looneyville ladies & gentlemen! Who’s in charge here…Willie Wonka? Actually, it happens to be Mayor Michael “Big Gulp…Only I Can Have Guns” Bloomberg! Perfect!

Clearly there must be a membership requirement that excludes people with a sliver of common sense from joining. For example, the Mad Mom explained to the Rabbi and Deacon that that M.D.A. (which is clearly Moms against Guns) modeled their organization after M.A.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). What? OK, so a six year old has enough sense to raise the question, “If M.A.D. isn’t against CARS for obvious reasons, why is M.D.A. against GUNS in the face of the same logic?” If our Guns are no more the problem than our Cars, why are our PROGRESSIVE politicians so focused on them? Can you imagine if they redirected that focus on JOBS? It is the specific nature of the people who get behind the wheel and the trigger that KILL people, and that nature is flawed in one or more of 3 ways; mental, criminal or just bad judgment (drunk driving). Accidents are the only other cause of car or gun injuries and fatalities and I think we can agree that gun-related accidents are statistically a non-issue.

So here’s where it gets interesting. The Mad Mom explains to the radio hosts that M.D.A. models itself after M.A.D. But M.A.D. targets the true nature of the problem, the bad judgment of the people who get behind the wheel, and guess what? They are successful! I think M.D.A. should change their name to M.G.F. (Mothers Get FOOLED) which is exactly what happens when you allow the PROGRESSIVE into the equation! Why? Because Cars pose no threat to the PROGRESSIVE politician! The mental and the criminal pose no threat to the PROGRESSIVE politician. In fact, to the PROGRESSIVE mind, the more mental and criminal people there are means the more we need our PROGRESSIVE politicians…politicians who fear one thing and one thing only: Liberty-minded well-armed law-abiding citizens! To the Cuomos & Bloombergs of the world, WE are the enemy of the State, not the criminals! Because we are the only thing standing between them and total control!

So this is how and why the PROGRESSIVE spins reality to advance its hidden agenda which has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with CONTROL. Their shameless manipulation of well-intentioned and in many cases suffering mothers is the same exact recipe used by the same exact creeps who hijacked the honor and integrity of the Black Civil Rights struggle to advance their obsession with “Gay Rights”! A world completely free of moral restraint with nobody left with any power to challenge their elite prescriptions is exactly the world they are attempting to create! Good luck with that!

Only PROGRESSIVES could think to elect one pervert to replace another as their Mayor. Anthony Weiner is as perverted SEXUALLY as Michael Bloomberg is CONSTITUTIONALLY! Put them together and you have the PROGRESSIVE version of the PERFECT MAN! By making the GUN the object of their demonization, it distracts us from the realization that it is literally their societal prescriptions that are resulting in more and more dangerous people and repeat offenders lining up behind the triggers in the first place!

I have the solution to every single one of our social woes. I am hereby recruiting all mothers out there to join with me in starting M.A.P. (Mothers Against Progressives) and lets put Common Sense back on the MAP, shall we! 🙂

We could start by making all schools PROGRESSIVE-FREE Zones! 🙂

In the meantime, please join us in the FOOL-FREE Zone! http://oathkeepers.org/oath/


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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