Vindication & Impeachment!

For the past five years we have suffered the broken heart of separation in this country. Friends from friends, neighbors from neighbors…our sons and daughters, husbands and wives…separated from each other by walls of growing distrust and disharmony that appeared out of nowhere.

It is especially heartbreaking to raise teenagers who have never experienced the community of better selves we used to be. As any gardener will tell you, what is happening above the ground is only half of the story. And I will only add that there can never be a good night’s sleep…on the bed of lies! Even the lies we want to hear can only lead us further from our own true happiness in the end…separating us from the people, places and things that matter most.

The deception that has entered our lives and wicked throughout our society like a deadly slow-acting poison slipped into our water supply has all but destroyed us. It has completely eroded the moral foundation that once supported the strongest, healthiest and most prosperous society known to man. We have been led to this place by the liar and thief who promised us “transparency”!

First 1) Benghazi and then the 2) IRS targeting Conservatives and Pro-Israel Groups, and now the 3) DOJ spying on the Associated Press form a Triple Crown of Betrayal of the very heart and soul of America. These are worse than crimes! This treachery transcends the boundaries of Liberal, Conservative, Democrat and Republican! The destructive force of these transgressions are in fact far greater than any number of war heads launched from foreign soil and must be answered swiftly!

Those of us who have fought with all our vigor and might…and at great expense and risk to out this fraud seek no accolades whatsoever! We may be vindicated, but it will be an empty vindication without the complete restoration of the very ideas and values that have made America exceptional for ALL of us! This Fraud and ALL who have enabled and empowered him beyond the point of their own awareness must be IMPEACHED and extricated from all positions of authority immediately! And if our Legislative and Judicial bodies haven’t the spine to do so, then We the People surely will, as duly authorized by the very Constitution we hold so dear! So help us God!





Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to Vindication & Impeachment!

  1. David Wilson says:

    Funny, we never heard much singing like this when G-Dub and his gang of hoodlums were lying about all kinds of things like WMDs, torture, ‘The Mission,’ the economy, the activities of his corporate crones and THE KILLING OF COUNTLESS THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT CIVILIANS under his watch! Maybe you ought to heed the directive of your own blog handle, Chip. Just SHUTUPNSING! ‘Nuff said, my friend. €8-.0

    • shutupnsing says:

      I’m a Reagan man myself, but since you bring up “G-Dub and his gang of hoodlums” David, I am happy to respond. 1-What is your evidence that G-Dub “lied” about WMD?
      2- Did G-Dub ever refuse requested security to our men and women in harm’s way, abandon them to die, and then lie and cover it up with a fabricated youtube story? 3- Did G-Dub have the IRS target American Citizens on the basis of their political beliefs on his watch? 4- Did G-Dub have his DOJ spy on the Press? 5- Did G-Dub EVER seek to pit any one group of Americans against any other group of Americans? I would be happy to put this to music if you prefer. I appreciate your input David, spoken or sung…though I’ve never heard you sing. 🙂

    • Chip says:

      Hello darkness my old friend…

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