The “Cookie Jar” of Liberalism

The Twins of Treason

The Twins of Treason

“Government is ‘too vast’ for Obama to know about wrong-doing.”– David Axelrod

There was a time when getting one’s hand caught in the cookie jar was indeed a bad situation leading to a bad consequence for the offending hand(s)? Interestingly, it was a lesson most of us learned in what used to be one of life’s most reliable classrooms…the classroom of our own FAMILY upbringing!

In the space of 24 hours, I’ve had a “What about G-dub and his gang of hoodlums?” response to my Vindication & Impeachment post on Monday from a theatrical friend–I watched Chris Matthews try to deflect, distort and re-identify “the problem” as Obama’s “unwillingness to empower a Chief of Staff”– I watched “Tax-cheat” Charlie Rangel attempt to defuse the notion that any of Obama’s “-gates” are comparable to Watergate– and finally I listened to Lanny Davis come on John Gambling’s show to hawk his books and talk about what nice people Barack, Hillary and Anthony Weiner are…and that “he agreed with EVERY Obama policy except Simpson Bowles.”

In other words, (my friend aside) I watched and listened as the powers-that-be at MSNBC & WOR created the stage and provided the microphones for Speer, Mengele, Hoess, Himmler, Heydrich and Goebbels to shape a new narrative and protect their Fuehrer.

And for those of you who think my Hitler analogy is over-the-top…THESE PEOPLE USED THE IRS TO DESTROY PEOPLE’S LIVES! Please tell us how that is more humane than any Gestapo tactics you might think of. After an IRS Confession, Carney & Obama are still using the word IF! This is like your kid with his arm up to his elbow in the cookie jar looking up at you and saying, “What Cookie Jar…do you have something against kids?”

As the details of the Obama scandals unfold, it is becoming abundantly clear that Candy Crowley and Main Stream Media had a huge partner in their plot to defeat Mitt Romney enabling Obama to continue his reign of chaos, malfeasance and war on America…the IRS! The IRS became Obama’s SS targeting at least 500 different groups and individuals on the basis of their political affiliations! Not only were these actions effective in the intimidation and suppression of Obama’s grassroots opposition, they resulted in the leak of Romney’s private records which Obama capitalized on to defeat Romney!

The arrogance and smug defiance on the faces of Obama before his fawning press, and Holder before Issa, suggests a confidence never before seen on those caught well beyond their elbows! And then there’s the classic “What difference does it make?” rant from the #1 person accountable for Benghazi, who was NEVER interviewed by the so-called ARB (Accountable Review Board)!! How the hell does an accountability review board not interview the person most accountable? The Cookie Jar has become the Liberty Jar in the fantasy world of Liberalism where Progressives sell themselves as Leaders with Vision only to become Bystanders with Excuses, as everything they touch devolves into the orchestrated chaos of their design!

Think of it this way. The fate of mankind is hanging in the balance, awash in debt, at the brink of war, facing unprecedented crisis of faith, confidence and trust in government…and the two most powerful (up-to-their-elbows) men in the world “don’t know” a thing about any of it? The architects aren’t only unaccountable for the result of the house…they didn’t know about it either? What cookie jar….WHAT PLANET?

It’s hard to say which of all the unfolding scandals are the most outrageous, but when you think of the level of Elite hubris that connects everyone of these scandals, it all comes down to a tyrannical cocktail of Alinski-meets-Stalinist Suppression and Control! They were NEVER interested in the Arena of Ideas! They were never interested in or restrained by morality! Obama and Holder are antithetical to the very idea of America in as destructive a way as the most deadly cancer cell is to the human body! The one-two punch of Political Correctness and the IRS combined to suppress the White Blood Cell Count just enough to allow these deadly cells into our very blood stream in the first place!

The question of our survival really depends on the extent of the cancer in our system doesn’t it? I fear the three branches are riddled, but I have faith in the rank and file of our military and civilian first-responders. While the Press has shown a little spine, I believe they are too invested in their own charade to fully expose themselves at this point. This ultimately comes down to you and me! So, as Connery’s character quipped to Costner’s character on that bridge in the Untouchable Capone’s Chicago, I ask you “What are you prepared to do?”

A VERY Constitutional Chemo-therapy!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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