The War FOR America & the “Low Information Voter”!

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” ~ Mark Twain

We Americans will celebrate our “Independence Day” on the day after tomorrow. That was the day some very brave men gathered together to affix their names to the fate of a nation…and their own death warrants.

On the surface, we appear as the manifestation of our Founders’ dreams and visions. I like to imagine them on every 4th of July looking down from the heavens through the spectacular glow of the bursting shells into the smiling eyes of grandchildren on the shoulders of grandchildren. But there is a new weight…a different type of weight on the shoulders of the sons and daughters of Liberty. It is the burden of a weight the Founders envisioned as clearly as they saw the path to Man’s greatest glory…and it will be our greatest test!

Beneath the surface there is a war being waged for the very heart and soul of America that is as brutal, deadly and costly as any conflict that has or ever will have scarred the earth. And if the America our Founders staked their lives and fortunes on, secured by the blood, oath and sacrifice of the many since is lost…her death will hang on the heads of the “low information voters” as much if not more than the lost souls who simply turned away. So the question each and every American needs to ask themselves around the breakfast table on Thursday is this: Am I a low information voter, or would I be if I were old enough to vote? (There will be a short quiz at the end to help you determine that!)

The first front is a spiritual one. As Rush Limbaugh so aptly phrased it the other day, “There is no America without God…at least, no America as we have known America to be!” Jonathan Cahn’s best-selling book “The Harbinger” elaborates on the relationship, drawing fascinating parallels between America and Ancient Israel in this regard.

The second front is ideological and equally as devastating to the heart, mind and soul as the first. It threatens our children (Thanks Kim!) through programs such as Common Core, and it cripples our small businesses (70% of the economy!) through devastating taxes, regulations and unfunded mandates. What will become of the nation of entrepreneurs that allows herself to be governed by a community organizing Marxist who tells them “You didn’t build that!”? Will she continue to reach for the stars, or will she slit her own “Keystone” wrist? Will she free the individual spirit to open new doors, or stifle it in the death grip of the Collective?

What do the two fronts have in common? They both attack the very heart of America by centralizing power away from the individual citizen and endowing it to the central government…the very antithesis of all America stands for! This is why there is no prayer in schools, no excommunications in the Church and no integrity in government or business. Because there is no trust in God, there can be no trust in man! Think about this…we are nearly $17 Trillion in debt, spending $1 Trillion more every year than we take in, with 50 Million Americans on Food Stamps…and our national dialogue is about who can marry who?  

The Low Information Voter Quiz

1) What do Benghazi and Fast & Furious have in common?

2) What business transaction put $100 Million in Al Gore’s pocket in 2012?

3) What task did George Soros perform for the Nazis?

4) What is the name of Saul Alinsky’s most famous book?

5) Former Obama “Green Czar” Van Jones was a self-proclaimed _______________.

A- Communist   B- Libertarian   C- Vegetarian

6) Frank Marshall Davis was Obama’s ______________.

A- Mentor          B- Father          C- Uncle

7) Who is Ben Carson?

8) What organization’s members were caught on video intimidating voters in Philly?

9) What deal did Obama make with the Clintons to get Bill Clinton’s support in 2012?

10) What does NDAA stand for?

Answers will appear on Thursday’s Blog! In the meantime, know who you are, what you believe and what you are prepared to do! 😉

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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