The Turkey that Votes for Christmas

“And the sooner I get the opportunity sir, to be the turkey that votes for Christmas, I will do so!” ~ Nigel Farage, MEP (Member of the European Parliament) and Leader of the UKIP (United KingdomIndependence Party)

It takes some “real stones” to stand up to the “Powers of Brussels” to be sure…and this man is a veritable stone wall! God, if we only had a pebble of his quality anywhere on our own Capitol Hill, how different things might be. They should all wear dresses in Washington from the very top to bottom, because there are no “stones” to be found in Washington…only fairy dust! Even the most convincing pretenders are merely the hide-a-key to our very lock-box of Liberty!

From Cairo to Washington to Brussels, look at what is happening in the world! Morsi is no more a reflection of the true will of the people than Obama is a reflection of the will of the people, or the Euro is a reflection of the will of the people! They are all apparitions…manufactured holograms designed to serve an elite cadre of merchants, who as it turns out, are nothing more than the Merchants of Misery to the rest of us! They are a virus that has infected our world! Notice, it is not the People of Egypt’s Freedom that has Obama deeply concerned, it is the fall of their Tyrant that has him so troubled! See into his mind ~ This wasn’t supposed to happen. And if it can happen there…

And ask yourself this…what is the difference between Morsi and Asaad? Why have we turned against one tyrant and towards the other? Who was Mubarak, and who is Morsi and Asaad in relation to the will of the Caliphate? Has the American Taxpayer become the financial arm of the Caliphate? Has Obama turned a deaf ear to the Cry of Freedom in favor of the Azan Call to Prayer…which he himself describes as “one of the most beautiful sounds on earth”?

For that matter, what spell does the Caliphate hold over Brussels? Why were Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer banned from the UK for speaking truth against Jihad in the wake of the Lee Rigby beheading? Why is French MEP Marine Le Pen facing charges for having said, “It is an occupation of sections of the territory, of districts in which religious laws apply. It’s an occupation. There are of course no tanks, there are no soldiers, but it is nevertheless an occupation and it weighs heavily on local residents.” referring to the harsh reality of Muslim immigration.

Back to Mr. Farage if I may. I woke up to this note from a friend this morning and realized it was the perfect stuffing for our Christmas dinner!

“Financial Advisor. Gold: watch the tide my friend. What you see right now with precious metals is the tide receding out of synch. What is about to happen to the Earth is what happened in Thailand a few years back. Gold will be the sign. It will get pulled back sharply and abruptly into a monstrous wave. Than like in Thailand, come sweep, over, all the world. That, my friend, will be just the beginning.”

Now take a look at the loan-to-deposit ratios of some of these European banks:

Dexia 281%

Danske 209%

Lloyds 155%

Santander 127%

Barclays 118%

Societe Generale 110%

UBS 82%

Source: BTIG

To those of you who don’t follow the financial markets, this is exactly what Nigel Farage gets in precisely the same way as a man named Churchill understood the significance of what was billowing from the smoke stacks of German factories 75 years ago. And just like Churchill did so many years ago, Farage stands courageously alone in the exact same chamber to once again hurl truth in the face of apathy! Stones!

But it is not the truth alone that unites Farage with the Gellers, Spencers, Le Pens and please let us not forget the Barnhardts. It is their willingness to be the turkey that votes for Christmas…while the rest of us are too busy scrambling to secure our place at the table and fight over the drumsticks! What too many would call “hate speech”, I see as “true love” because true love IS all about sacrifice! When will we ever learn? This is truly worth watching:


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3 Responses to The Turkey that Votes for Christmas

  1. Martin T. D. Burnett says:

    Would you care to expound on the Gold tide? No, I’m didn’t buy any. When has been hollywierdo’s start selling the stuff on TV I know there is a huge scam aspect to it. Like reverse mortgages. Fred Thompson should be absolutely ashamed of himself for endorsing those things! So much for his moral compass. I don’t remember the Thailand financial event to which you allude. I am still wondering why our financial system hasn’t collapsed and whether or not that happening is truly inevitable. Sometimes I think the elites have suspended economic law and have agreed upon some alternative or are simply winging it. If you feel like teaching, I’ll be the student!

  2. shutupnsing says:

    I think of it this way Marty. Its the law of nature…our perspective window on the markets contracts in proportion to political intensity and turmoil. It is like the pull of gravity as you get closer to the Sun. We become fixated on short term moves whether it is stocks or gold, losing site of the bigger picture.

  3. shutupnsing says:

    @Marty–PS–The Thailand event he was referring to was not a financial event, it was a natural event. It was a devastating Tsunami.

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