The Zimmerman Shell Game & What’s in the Other Hand?

Obama's "Chip off the Old Block"

Obama’s “Chip off the Old Block”

In the United States, stand-your-ground law states that a person may justifiably use force in self-defense when there is reasonable belief of an unlawful threat, without an obligation to retreat first.~Wikipedia

Like everyone else, I’m watching this case unfold revealing the empty hand of the prosecutor wondering “Why are they risking so much with so little?” This was never about race…the FBI determined that from day one! What then? Why have they poured so much into what has now become a federally-sponsored Zimmerman lynch mob?

Perhaps this tragedy becomes a little clearer when we think of it from the perspective of an out-of-control government addicted to power and control. I wonder how many times the office of the President has been used to interfere in local matters with such one-sided zeal throughout our nation’s history? But then the more we study this administration, the more we realize it really isn’t your grandfather’s Presidency now, is it?

So let’s examine that night in Sanford from another angle and the “Neighborhood Watch” concept. I just had an undersheriff from a county in New York send me a very comprehensive “Neighborhood Watch” program that they have actually implemented. It is simply a detailed plan empowering private citizens, in full and complete cooperation with local law enforcement, to become more involved in helping to fight crime and terrorism in their own neighborhoods.  George Zimmerman was one of the citizens who volunteered to do just that in his neighborhood…a neighborhood that had in fact suffered a series of break-ins and burglaries.

Some unreported facts I have learned about Mr. Zimmerman seem to contradict the racist picture the Media is desperately attempting to paint. Not only was there no history of a racist attitude, he mentored young black children and took a young black girl to his Prom. On the other hand, the gang-banging wanabe pictured above who has in fact been tied to burglaries and drug use (he possessed the contents of an urban drug cocktail known as “Lean” that night!), presents a curious contrast to the little angel the same Media has crafted. With his “Neighborhood Watch” training, George Zimmerman had every right to be suspicious of the hooded “angel” pictured above on that fateful night!

Now let’s add the biggest piece of the true Zimmerman picture shall we? George Zimmerman had a gun…and he possessed it LEGALLY! Step back a second and think about this incident and all the outrage it has attracted in comparison to the hundreds upon hundreds of “innocent” black children being slaughtered in our inner cities by REAL criminals with guns they possess ILLEGALLY…without a peep from Sharpton! Where’s the outrage? Oh, that’s right…first comes Sharpton and then comes outrage! What was I thinking?

Now we need to ask ourselves this. What if George Zimmerman did not possess a firearm that night when he faced the hooded “angel” who was banging his head into the cement? There is a saying in the “conceal/carry” community that has risen from fear of consequence in our overly litigious society…even in justified self-defense: “I would rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6!” We will never know!

You couldn’t possibly frame a more frightening scenario for the Ruling Class Elite than this:

An armed Neighborhood Watch Leader on patrol in his neighborhood encounters a suspicious character. After he alerts 911, he continues to follow the suspicious character and is then suddenly attacked. Fearing for his life, and in accordance with the law, he draws his weapon and fires, killing his assailant. Local authorities release him without pressing charges after concluding his actions were justified. The Federal Government intervenes, brings a case…and loses. The Neighborhood Watch Leader gets his gun back! 🙂

THEY DON’T WANT US LEADING, VOLUNTEERING, STANDING OUR GROUND, ARMED & PROTECTING OURSELVES PEOPLE! They are pathological liars who want us fearful, compliant, defenseless, dependent on them and cowering under our beds!

My favorite Motor City Mad Man and Rocker Extraordinaire, adds his two cents:

Oh yeah…I almost forgot! We never discussed what is in their other hand!

HintWhat holds 5 zettabytes, knows your every thought and action, hides in a desert in Utah and will be fully operational in September?

“If it weren’t for my knees and the government, my life would be perfect…so I’m going to replace both!” ~ Ted Nugent 

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4 Responses to The Zimmerman Shell Game & What’s in the Other Hand?

  1. Andoni says:

    Great piece Chip! I always appreciate your take on things and as you well know, we are two-peas-in-a-pod when it comes to this stuff. Regarding this story, personally, I have mixed feelings on the matter. In my youth, before I had a chance to grow up and become a man by way of trial and error, I was like Martin in many ways. I don’t know what lean it, but in my days it was not uncommon to find me walking late at night with some pot on me. As I mind my own business, causing no trouble to anyone, what right does the next man have to follow me? Furthermore, do I not have the right to confront a the weirdo who is doing so? To the best of my knowledge, at no point did Zimmerman politely/calmly say to Martin, “young man, I happen to be the neighborhood watch, we have had a series of break-ins around here as of late, and that is why I followed you.” “I mean you no harm.” What we must remember, and while the media was shamefully misleading by making public 5 year old photos of Martin to purposely shape the narrative how they desired, Martin was only 17. He life is over and he will never have the opportunity to have developed into a man, to leave his childish ways (“Lean”, tough guy picas on internet, etc) behind him as I had the chance to do. He life was ended way to soon by a guy on the neighborhood watch. Do I think Zimmerman was a racist like the media has painted him to be? No! Do I think the news coverage on this story by the mainstream media has been fair and balanced? Absolutely not! Do I think Zimmerman deserved some kind of consequence for ending the life of a teenager who was minding his own damn business, until he realized he was being followed by some stranger in the middle of the night? Yes! I leave you with this, a friend of mine asked me the following question, “Andoni, what advice would you give your son if in his teenage years, he was walking and minding his own business one night and a complete stranger was following him in a creepy like manner?” This question made me pause and reevaluate how I was looking at this story.

    • shutupnsing says:

      Thanks for such a great and insightful comment Andoni! I agree with you that the circumstances were tragic and that it is never a good thing when a life is taken. I don’t know if you had a chance to read Nugent’s piece, but he addresses your “what would I tell my son” point perfectly! What we are able to ascertain after the fact, regarding the character of the two young men is essential in understanding this case. We know for example, that George Zimmerman was a squeaky clean community-minded kid who mentored young children. On the other hand we know Trayvon was already on a much darker path as confirmed by his actual call to his friend that night and previous facebook posts, etc. The other HUGE aspect that really needs to be factored in by you and me is this…You and I are a couple of armchair quarterbacks compared to the local Sanford authorities who looked at ALL the evidence. And then there’s the Jury…
      I think I know you well enough Andoni to know that you will raise your son to never find himself in Trayvon’s shoes…and if per chance he does…then not to make Trayvon’s mistakes. Trayvon’s life, in my humble opinion, was a series of poor choices.

    • erick says:

      I don’t believe you were present that night to witness whether Z. identified himself or not. However, ask your self this question. If you were pinned on the ground by a muscular young man who assaulted you by breaking your nose for no other reason than that you followed him ( a legitimate, lawful action for a neighborhood watch member) and your head was being banged against the concrete, would you use the only means at your disposal to perhaps save your life? If no, then you are entitled to be a victim if you so choose. But do not judge others for asserting their God instilled instinct for self preservation. Advice to give son being followed? Ask who are you and why are you following me? Call for help or walk away.

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