I need to address the psychopathic miscreant masquerading as our President. You sir, are evil incarnate. You are the very spittle that our own karma has conjured to disgrace the honor of those who gave their very lives to prevent your manifestation. Your duplicity would make the Devil blush with envy. I pray for the day when America sees you for who you are!

A true leader is neither black or white…he is both. You sir, are the very tongue of the serpent! You did not come to lead or bring us together…you came to destroy, divide and to conquer. I pray to God that I may live long enough to witness your confrontation with Truth…much the same as the scene in my favorite movie when a simple bucket of water reduces evil to a harmless puddle…under a hat and a broomstick. God, hear my prayers!

As Jack Ryan promised the IRA leader in Patriot Games, “I will make it my mission in life” to shine the light on the greatest hoax that has ever darkened the American doorstep! I am one ordinary, simple man. But God has blessed me with a heart that cannot be bought, manipulated or silenced. If I should be the last man standing, I will suffer the worst imaginable and horrific pain of your dealings before I betray the honor of those who have come before me.

Molon Labe!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to Traybama

  1. Chip,
    I could not have said it better myself. All my studies of the communist/socialist system of the 1930’s-40’s soviet system under Stalin suggest that this charlatan is trying to re-create such a system here. As a student of this in the military, I see the inescapable parallels.
    Instead of the gulags, and the grave trenches we get “obamadoesntcare” to kill off the elder/weakened populations.
    Molon Labe, INDEED.

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