From the Big Chill to the Deep Freeze!

Do you remember the 1983 classic that united the talents of Jeff Goldblum, Tom Berenger, Glenn Close, William Hurt and Kevin Kline in a movie about the reuniting of old friends separated by time and the powerful winds of change…all to the greatest soundtrack in motion picture history? “I’ve got sunshine…on a cloudy day…”

Idealistic dreams had given way to the establishment realities in the lives of our characters in The Big Chill. It seemed that the harder they tried to reconnect to the old magic that originally brought them together, the greater the pull of their present day circumstances dragging them back to earth’s harsh atmospheric conditions.

We have now entered a Deep Freeze phase that makes The Big Chill seem rather balmy in comparison. The following is an excerpt from an interview that I read the other day that doesn’t merely suggest a coming Ice Age-style Big Chill… it guarantees it! James Jaeger is a Hollywood producer working on a documentary piece that features NSA surveillance and our 2nd Amendment rights.

Daily Bell: The AP says its reporting has been chilled by surveillance. Any response?

James Jaeger: Well, figure it out. A 5 zettabyte site is 5.0 X 10, 21st bytes of information and a 1 yottabyte site is 3 orders of magnitude (1,000 times) larger at 10, 24th bytes. That’s a 10 with 24 zeros after it. This “thing” – which is going operational in September – will be able to record all emails, phone conversations, TV, radio shows, YouTube videos, photographs, websites, Internet searches and even parking receipts, travel itineraries and bookstore purchases for every person on the planet Earth for the next 100 years… Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!—- 😦

….Well, that may ‘not be the case’ (referring to NSA’s denial of eavesdropping) with the PRISM program, but come September 2013, all bets are off. The NSA will have the capacity of “listening in” so why wouldn’t they? This places a chill over every citizen in not only America but the world. It should also chill all news reporters, pundits, filmmakers, writers, thinkers, philosophers, patent and copyright holders, strategists and communicators in every branch of the arts and sciences. Maybe TODAY you are like John Stossel – more concerned about the other “100 things government does” – but TOMORROW you may decide it’s necessary to become the next Thomas Paine in order to arrest further destruction of the Declaration of Independence. BUT you’re in the 5 zettabyte sys, so you chill and go back to eating your spaghetti and hot dogs. You’re chilled because your rogue gov. has mapped your social network and can send in a drone to wipe you and your kitchen table off the map any time it wants. Nice. And no one would even know about it because they could wipe you before the public was even aware you EXISTED! So when police state apologists like Cheney, Alexander, King, Woolsey, Hague and Clapper tell you that “we are only collecting metadata” – you should go into HIGH ALERT. (Full interview here!)

So imagine our Big Chill characters reconvening after 30 years…presumably to attend several funerals this time. On the set of The Deep Freeze we find that Tom Berenger, former TV action hero, is now known more for his William Devanesque gold-peddling Rosland Capital commercials. Kevin Kline’s character has evolved from athletic footwear entrepreneur to crony-capitalist/green-energy consultant and CEO of a little known company called Solyndra. William Hurt’s character married the dancer, straightened his life out, became a software/data-mining specialist and went to work for a government agency called the NSA where he is now suffering a crisis of conscience way more painful than his darkest acid trip. Jeff Goldblum’s character invented the financial derivative that converted sub-prime mortgages to Wall Street securities making him a zillionaire…and causing the 2008 collapse…while Glenn Close’s character was having an affair with a former classmate she connected with on Facebook…until Kevin’s character (her husband) hacked her account.

So I am standing in the room with them all…only they can’t see me because I’m not really here…and I am struck right away by things I didn’t expect. First, the music has devolved…My Girl has turned into “my bitch” in Baby Got Back! And second, they all seem so…lost! Each of them has advanced their stations in life considerably…they know the proper thing to say, exactly how to look and the right place to be in any social setting…but here with each other, they finger their iPhones nervously…barely able to make eye contact. Amazing! Once inseparable friends who thawed on eye contact at their last reunion, now seem frozen solid where it really matters…and each of them knows it! It’s like they’ve followed a script for so long they’ve type-cast themselves out of themselves. Each wants to be real with the other but they’re too afraid to give themselves away!!! Whew!

We are FROZEN SOLID where it really matters!! When we were merely chilled, we were still very much aware of and engaged with our surroundings (as well as each other). In fact with half the technology we “enjoy” today, we were twice as aware of what was going on then! But just as the physical body begins to shut down from the outside-in when it freezes, so too have we been conditioned to do exactly that through the incremental stages of our deep freeze. What declining temperatures do to the body’s ability to feel pain by shutting down blood flow to nerves at the skin surface, Political Correctness does by causing the body to shut down as well…in both cases numbing the body to that particular source of pain. The former is the work of God and the latter is the work of the Devil…otherwise known as the Statist.

How else can you explain how any free people would entertain ANY restrictive 2nd Amendment legislation from the same immoral government already caught illegally arming Mexican drug cartels and radical Islamic terrorists…while robbing their pensions (TSP accounts) and spying on them? Sort of gives a whole new meaning to the term BRAIN FREEZE, don’t you think? Or as KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov so aptly put it: “To change the perception of reality, of every American, to such an extent that despite the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community, and their countrymen.”~ (From Ann Barnhardt’s 7/20 posting)

“The AP says its reporting has been chilled by surveillance.” Talk about the last canary! Reporters ARE the nerve endings that report to our brain. Our nerve has lost its nerve??? Say goodnight Gracie…

Warren Pollock sums it ALL up rather nicely. Definitely worth the time:


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