The Truth Will Set You Free…But it WILL Make You A Target First!

“Oligarchs and tyrants still attack the foundations of natural law and natural liberty by conning the public into believing that these inherent belief systems are “antiquated” or “passe”, but this strategy has a limited effect as long as strong freedom champions exist.” ~ Brandon Smith

I just responded to a local “letter to the editor” spat between a climate-change Gore groupie and an honest skeptic, not unlike myself. The skeptic had replied to the climate-change alarmist who typically distorted the facts (e.g.“97-99% of scientists agree climate change is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately.”) and labeled those of us unwilling to follow blindly as “flat-earthers”. After sending my 2 cents to the local editor, I wondered how many skeptics like my self choose to “chill” instead of stand & question with boldness, as Jefferson encouraged…

Brandon Smith  is by far my favorite blogger in the Liberty movement. I have linked to his article below from which I’ve extracted the beginning and ending quotes for this piece. This was one of the most encouraging articles I’ve read in quite some time for the simple reason that he believes, as do I, that we in the Liberty movement are in the majority…and we are winning, despite what our cable feed so blatantly attempts to sell us! But it is also extremely informative because it illustrates the grim reality of what those in power are willing to do to good people in order to stay in power…and what those of us in the liberty movement need to be on the look-out for.

  • Chris Christie hasn’t merely jumped in bed with the Statists by referring to Rand Paul and Libertarians as “dangerous”, he wined and dined them and gave them a foot and full body massage first! The attack on Oath Keeper founder Stewart Rhodes and the man who is fighting the NDAA, Dan Johnson  came right after the Oath Keepers’ “Snowden is a hero” ad campaign for bringing the darkest sins of our government to light. The vote to defund the NSA surveillance program lost by 12 votes in the House last week…12 votes!
  • Young college Republicans were barred from attending an Obama speech this last week on their own University of Central Missouri campus out of “concern for the President’s safety”!  (The USSA?)
  • Eric Holder’s Justice Department authorized, funded and dispatched a small army of radicals, which included Black Panthers, to Sanford Florida last year to essentially overturn Florida’s own system of justice in the Zimmerman case!

Each of these bullet points is a warning. Now is NOT the time for complacency! Now is NOT the time to “chill”! Now is NOT the time to look away and pretend it’s alright when you know it isn’t!

NOW is the time to call out the pretenders! Call their bluff! Make them show you their hand! Calmly challenge the Alinskyites at the local level and work your way out. Invite them to debate you publicly on the merits of the issues from climate-change and “regionalism” to our 2nd Amendment rights and gun control…and watch them shrivel. Nobody understood this better than Andrew Breitbart! Nobody exposed the lie as effectively, powerfully and frequently as Andrew Breitbart! Remember these Brandon Smith words, “The truth, when wielded by formidable warriors, rolls forward like a high velocity electric storm.” I have seen the other side of our trend line. Trust me, as hard as this may seem, you can’t possibly imagine the nightmare fruit our complacent appeasement would otherwise yield us at this critical time!

The last thing to be aware of is this cold hard fact. On every stage from local to regional and global, they will attempt to “buy” you with various “pay to play” schemes. Once they pay and you play, they own you! Commit to yourself and ask God to grant you the courage to live every moment of every day with honor, courage and integrity and you will deny them the very access to your greatest power! 🙂

“It’s a bit ironic, but usually what evil men want most is to be seen as saviors; as guardians and protectors. They want to be seen as benevolent knights in shining armor coming to rescue the poor oblivious multitudes. When any information war hits it’s climax, the goal of either side is to maintain the moral high ground. We already have it, and thus, they have to take it. How they will seek to do this is at once predictable, and horrifying.” ~ Brandon Smith

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2 Responses to The Truth Will Set You Free…But it WILL Make You A Target First!

  1. shutupnsing says:

    Sent by a friend in response to today’s blog ~

  2. Paul Bonneau says:

    “The vote to defund the NSA surveillance program lost by 12 votes in the House last week…”

    No such thing. The vote didn’t matter, because even if the amendment had passed NSA would have continued with its programs. You think they care what Congress does? Hah!

    It’s just a game…

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