The Black Caucus Joke Book

Who's Your Cracker?

Who’s Your Cracker?

  • Did you hear that Black Caucus member Sheila Jackson Lee is being considered to replace Janet Napolitano? Qualifications- She’s black and she knows a lot about outer space. (e.g. She remembered that we were the first nation to put a man on Mars!)
  • …relax…its only HOMELAND SECURITY!

  • True story– Black Caucus gem “Good Time” Charlie Rangel already has his new business enterprise planned for when he retires in 2030. His company The Rangel Angle will produce classy ebony income and expense logs for black businessmen only. Every month will feature a white playboy pinup model and include every possible category EXCEPT offshore real estate holdings!
  • A& E has announced that Malik Zulu Shabazz, head of the NEW Black Panthers will replace Dawg the Bounty Hunter with his exciting new show called “Shabazz the Whitey Whacker”! Early rumors are that the producers are negotiating with Al Sharpton to make a minimum of six cameo appearances and Chris Matthews is being considered to play the part of Shabazz’s Tonto! Shazzam Kimosabe…I can hardly wait!!
  • Shooting on the set of the new movie, The Life and Times of Maxine Waters has been suspended indefinitely because the Black Caucus Star and the woman who was to play her, Rachel Jeantel (who became a national celebrity because she answered a phone call) couldn’t read each other’s lines…because they were written in cursive. Bummer!

And the biggest joke of all (major drum roll)? Is that there is such a thing as a Black Caucus to begin with!!! Every single one of your sorry black butts that sits itself in a “Black Caucus” chair is nothing but a Black Caucus Pimp! Do you know why there is no such thing as a White Caucus? Because the rest of us understand that when you have been honored to do “the people’s business”, you honor ALL Americans as Americans! But you’ve disgraced the memory of Dr. King by placing the King of the Pimps in the White House and our Lady Liberty on your street corner! This time, the joke’s on you! 

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to The Black Caucus Joke Book

  1. Martin Burnett says:

    Hey Chip, Are you the author? Wow! To come up with that I’d have thought you were trapped living in Memphis TN. Can’t argue with one point.

  2. Jasper says:

    Touche. Outstanding arguments. Keeep upp the great spirit.

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